Audrey is a girl of the film adaptation of The Lorax. She‘s the neighbor and love interest of Ted Wiggins. The back of her house has Truffula trees painted on it but her wish is to see a real one. Audrey is shown to be bright, friendly, and seems to be aware a little bit of Ted's crush on her. She's also very good at school, an example would be when Mr. O'Hare tries to convince the town that trees are bad. She insistently reminds everyone that trees provide oxygen and reminds them of photosynthesis. She becomes very impressed by Ted's determination to fix things in Thneedville and to bringing back trees. She gives him a small kiss on the cheek.

She also comments that Grammy Norma is very cool. She’s voiced by Taylor Swift. She has orange hair, fair skin and green eyes. She wears a teal and light blue striped long sleeved shirt underneath a yellow dress with orange flowers, dark green leggings and brown boots.


  • The name Audrey means "noble" and "strength".
  • Her name is based on Audrey Geisel, the second wife of Dr. Seuss. The Lorax was dedicated to her and her two children, Lark and Lea Dimond.
  • Her hair color and clothing color patterns may have been inspired from Pontoffel Pock.
  • Though Audrey knows about the Truffula trees, its never stated how she knew about them. Especially since she and Ted were born after the trees were destroyed. Given her intelligence she most likely learned about them through her school books.
  • Audrey mentions that if a guy got her a tree, she'd marry him on the spot.
  • She’s in high school.
  • Audrey isn’t in the original book The Lorax.


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