The Baby Bird from "Are You My Mother?"

Are You My Mother (68).png

As his real mother leaves to find some food for the baby bird, the egg hatches and out comes the baby bird. He looks around to see of his mother is around but she isn't So he decides to go on a quest to find out who his mother is; however, the baby bird could not fly. As he flapped his tiny wings he fell from the nest onto on the ground; so, he walked instead. However, he didn't know what his mother looked like as he went past his real mother who was pulling a worm from the ground, he didn't see her nor did she see him. 

He asked a dog, a cat, a hen and a cow, but they all told him no except the cat: so, he dug a little deeper into finding out who his mother was. He ran and he saw an old used car but he didn't assume that the car would be his mother, he saw a boat and called out to it but the boat kept sailing away, then he saw a plane and he thought it was his mother but the plane kept on flying, then he saw a machine that picks up dirt and rocks, this time he assumed that this was his real mother so he went to it and called out to it but the big machine went "SNORRRRRT" and it scared him and he tried to get off and away from it but he couldn't move, he was stuck on the dirt pick up digger feeling worried and afraid as the machine took him with it. It was unknown who the driver inside it was. Suddenly the machine stopped at the baby bird cried out wanting to go home then the digger went a loose in the bottom and he fell in sliding out back into his nest where the actually mother of the baby bird found him and he was happy to meet her at the end by telling her what she was not and who and what she really is and the mother gave him a hug by her right wing.

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