Cy O'Hare

You don't know me, but my name's Cy, I'm just the O'Hare delivery guy, but it seems that trees may be worth a try, so i say...Let it Grow...

Sy.png Cy is the air delivery man who lives in Thneedville and works for O'Hare Air. He is voiced by Fletcher Sheridan and appears in the Lorax.

Cy the delivery guy

Role in the film

Cy's role in the film is not very big as he only appears few times at the beginning and at the end of the film, though he is the first character to be seen in the film after the Lorax's opening monologue.

At the start of the film, Cy can be seen driving down a highway in an O'Hare delivery vehicle, then stops by a house to replace an empty barrel of air with a fresh one. He then drives off, and the "In Thneedville" song is sung.

He is seen again entering a woman's house during the song, delivering an air barrel for a machine in her house. She pays him the money for the barrel and they both enjoy breathing in the fresh air. He then starts singing and dancing in the street, though is so caught up in the moment he falls into an open manhole in use for disposing of litter. Cy later celebrates by singing with the marching band, using a baton as if it is a microphone.

At the end of the song, he is seen singing in a high pitched voice while doing the splits on Aloysius O'Hare's limousine. After the climactic end, Cy is frozen in a euphoric state on the limousine. As it begins to drive off, O'Hare's bodyguards pick up the star-struck Cy by his legs and walk him to safety.

When Ted Wiggins is escaping from O'Hare's cronies on his scooter, Cy is changing an air barrel, though sees Ted speeding towards him and runs away in fright.

When the town debates whether to germinate the Truffula Tree seed, O'Hare selects Cy to convince the people to side with O'Hare, threatening to fire him from his job. Conflicted, Cy nervously introduces himself, though ultimately decides to side with Ted and encourages the town to join him, and starts to sing Let it Grow. As more people join in, Cy sings and dances with them. When O'Hare pretends to change his point of view, then later proclaims that the seed should die, Cy calls him out for his greediness, and his bodyguards send him flying off. Cy later watches as Ted plants the truffula seed and watches O'Hare die.


  • "So we buy it fresh, it comes out this machine!" (With a customer)
  • "But it seems like trees might be worth a try... so I say, let it grow!"


  • Cy is probably best known for his high pitched, yet elegant, voice.
  • Cy is known for being a popular character, coming second to Aunt Grizelda
  • Cy is known for saying the most memorable phrase in the movie, that one being You greedy dirtbag
  • He is know as the sexiest Dr. Seuss character.
  • Cy was directly modeled after his voice actor, Tall Man Max, who, coincidentally, is often mistaken as The Once-ler himself.
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