Domestic dogs are found in "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


In Real Life

There are a lot of different dog breeds. They're grouped in seven categories:

Sporting includes spaniels, retrievers, and pointers.

Hound includes bloodhounds, dachshunds, beagles, and Afghans.

Terrier include scotties, jack russells, and others.

Toy includes Chihuahuas, pugs, and pekingese.

Non-Sporting includes poodles, Dalmatians, and bulldogs.

Herding includes collies, sheepdogs, and German shepherds.

Working includes Great danes, Dobermans, Saint Bernards, and huskies.

Gallery of dogs from the Franchise

  • A mutt panting and sitting on its hind legs
  • A bloodhound sniffing

Gallery of real-life dogs

  • A cocker spaniel
  • An Irish Setter
  • A pointer pointing
  • A Labrador Retriever
  • A basenji
  • A beagle
  • A basset hound
  • A dachshund
  • A bloodhound
  • An Airedale Terrier
  • A Jack Russell Terrier
  • An Irish Terrier
  • A Scottish Terrier
  • A pekingese
  • A pomeranian
  • A Maltese
  • A chihuahua
  • A Dalmatian
  • A poodle
  • An Old English Sheepdog
  • A border collie
  • A German Shepherd Dog
  • A Maremma
  • A Welsh Corgi
  • A Siberian Husky
  • A Great Dane
  • A Rottweiler
  • A Saint Bernard
  • An Alaskan Malamute
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