Published: 1963
Author: Dr. Seuss
Illustrator: Weston Woods, Inc.
Characters: Pup, Mouse, Jim, Izzy and Ic
Setting: Bed

Page after page of silly rhymes and comical pictures will keep your little one giggling in this Dr. Seuss favorite. The book's simple words, sentences, and meanings are wonderful learning material for early readers, who will be captivated by Seuss's magical wackiness.

Hop on Pop is a book written by Dr. Seuss in 1963 It is often remarked as one of Seuss' simplest books. Kohl's Cares for Kids released a collectors version of this book, though there isn't any significant differences except the collectors emblem on the cover. It was published as part of the Random House Beginner Books series, and is subtitled "The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use". It contains several short poems about a variety of characters, and is designed to introduce basic phonics concepts to children.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.


One of Geisel's manuscript drafts for the book contained the lines, "When I read I am smart / I always cut whole words apart. / Con Stan Tin O Ple, Tim Buk Too / Con Tra Cep Tive, Kan Ga Roo." Geisel had included the contraceptive reference to ensure that publisher Bennett Cerf was reading the manuscript. Cerf did notice the line, and the poem was changed to the following: "My father / can read / big words, too. / Like... / Constantinople / and / Timbuktu."

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Beginner Book Video

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books "Oh Say Can You Say?" and "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!"


A popular choice of elementary school teachers and children's librarians, Hop on Pop ranked sixteenth on Publishers Weekly's 2001 list of the all-time best-selling hardcover books for children. Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association named the book one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children." One of the book's most notable advocates is former United States First Lady Laura Bush, who listed it as her favorite book in a 2006 Wall Street Journal article. "It features Dr. Seuss's typically wonderful illustrations and rhymes, of course, but the main thing for me is the family memory—the loving memory—that the book evokes of George lying on the floor and reading it to our daughters, Barbara and Jenna. They were little bitty things, and they took Hop on Pop literally, and jumped on him—we have the pictures to prove it," she wrote.

Inspiration for others

Like many Dr. Seuss books, Hop on Pop has inspired others. Big Brother Mouse, a publishing project in Laos, drew on Hop on Pop to develop The Polar Bear Visits Laos, which matches short sentences that include an internal rhyme with cartoon images.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • On page 2-3 of the video of the book, the tree where you see the bird is in another location in the video while Pup is in mid air flying.
  • On page 4 of this video, The big cub is seen but, Pup is erased out the but appears once again as his name was being mentioned.
  • On page 5 of this video, The cup is seen again but when Pup is erased from the cup, there appears to be a slight error, you will see half of Pup's ear on the side of the cup. The Cup is pointed at a slight different angle a bit.
  • On page 6 of this video, the mouse is standing on the very top if the house but in the book he was on the top but on the left side of with his hands touching the tip point of the house.
  • On page 7 of this video, the house is at an angle pointed up but you can still see the mouse's hand and ear of the bottom.
  • On page 9 of this video, the small brothers are 5 steps farther from where they were currently standing in the book. and they were standing in a different order in the video. The tallest small brother is first when he was third in the book, the smallest small brother is second but he was last in the book, and the two middle if the tallest and smallest were last, but were first in the book.
  • On page, 10-11 of this video, the fourth tall brother is missing, and the tallest small brother is a few 4 steps away from one of the small brothers holding a bat.
  • On page 12-13, everything is the same as all the brothers fall off the wall. Everyone says "Fall off the wall" and one of the brothers is the last one to fall to the ground.
  • On page 15 of this video, the two white bears' bed is in a black background.
  • On page 16 - 17 of this video the tiger (who bites the boy's foot) seems to be drawn quite differently compared to how he was in the book; and his hair is all black. He is similar in appearance to the Chippendale Mupp but has a shorter tail. Jim is smiling at first but then his emotion changes as he prepares to bite the tiger's tail by showing his teeth. Jim appears to be standing on a white grass leaves. The camera zooms out showing the full scene where Jim bites the tigers tail as the tiger bites the older brother's foot.
  • On page 18 of this video two creatures who kind of resemble Icabod and Izzy are shown looking at a bee. The brother creature is missing but appears when the word "see" is mentioned, and the bee is closer to the sister creature.
  • In the next scene where the two are running away from the 3 bees to avoid getting stung, the second bee on page 19 is more closer to the brother and sister creatures then usual in the video.
  • On page 20-21, of the video Where the brother and the sister are seeing 3 blue fishes in the tree, the brother and sister are closer to the orange tree and the bark of this tree is drawn and painted in.
  • Page 22-23 and 24, everything is the same, meeting Red, seeing Red in bed, then seeing him in another bed with Ned, Ted, and Ed.
  • Page 25-26 and 27 on the video, everything is the same as it was in the book but with movement, and Pat is seen sitting right on the hat as the hat is squished.
  • Notice this on page 28, a cat from page 25 of the book and video "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" is used in this scene placed in the chair before Pat sat on him. This is the same cat that was laying in Ned's bed with a goat, dog and mouse. Pat was taken from page 27 to be put into page 28 at first then as he sits on the cat the Pat that was currently their is used as he looks at the cat. The cat that was currently their is used after pat sat on him. There is an error were you will see half of page 27 Pat's hand on Page 28 on the video before it switches to Pat on 28 reacting to the cat being sat on. On page 29 you will see Pat sitting on a baseball bat. The brown backgrounds are different from pages 26 to 28.
  • On page 30-31, the worried cub is a few paces closer to Pat in the scene where he tells him not to sit on the cactus.
  • On page 32-33, the 3 little puppies seem to be a little closer to their depressed father who is sitting in his chair. Notice in the book they are on a big blue rug but in the video they are on a all blue floor.
  • The background on pages 34 through page 37, are different a tad bit. This is the scene where you first see the little girl meeting a singing thing. You will see her again at the end of this book with her family.
  • You will see the two bear cub like characters you've seen on the cover of this book. phasing in from the left going right then on the next scene you will see them talking. The background on pages 38 to 39 are different.
  • You will see the two bear cubs hopping and Pop is seen on pages 40 as his cubs are hopping on him. He was on the cover of this book as well. In the next scene he tells them to stop as the camera zooms in on the cubs
  • The background or page 42 is different to were you see Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown. The background on page 43 is all colored blue.
  • You will see Pup again who was seen as the beginning of this book on pages 43, 44, 45 and 46.
  • On page 50 of the video, Pup is three steps far from where he was normally standing on the red mat as he is having a Snack Picnic with Mr. Brown and Mr Black.
  • On page 52 of the video, a strange dog-like creature's head is faced the right but when the fast animal comes his face is face to the left as it was in the book. The dog-like creature is standing on green grass in the video but he was standing on white grass in the book.
  • The 5 stakes of the tent is pinned on the blue back ground as was colored onto page 53 of this video of the book. The tent either changes the number of pegs or has a different number on each side, judging by the "went" and "sent" pictures. The camera zooms out as the bear is sent out the tent by the boy owner. the bear's face is briefly seen as the scene changes.
  • On page 54 and 55, all remains the same and no movement is seen where two dogs get wet in the sea, they yelp for help in the next scene.
  • Page 56 you will see Will going up hill phasing up.
  • Page 57 of this video, the bird (who is looking at Will on the top tiny hill) is lowered down close to the house and the two trees.
  • The little girl you saw that met the singing thing appears with her family on page 58. The girl and her brother are standing 3 steps close to their parents in this video but in the book they were 3 steps away.
  • On page 59, the mother's buttons are missing on both the book and the video as soon as the baby brother comes in the scene landing buy his big brother. The cutout layer of the baby brother appears to be a little inches larger in the video than being small in the book.
  • Pup is seen again in page 61 and 62, indicating that pup might belong to this family.
  • In the video, Pup is 5 steps away from where he was currently standing in the book on page 61.
  • The background on page 62 and 63 have been painted all pink.
  • The older brother on page 63 on the video of this book, is more closer to the sign that says "Timbuktu" and his short has been shortened as you will see his torso, wearing black pants and black shoes being drawn and painted into the scene.
  • On the last page, the sign is been resized, and the red words are not there at the time, but are replaced with the main words "SAY SAY" then the jumbled words appear but are colored black instead of red. The little creature with spiked hair says "Ask me tomorrow but not today" walks off leaving his older spiked haired brother clueless as the book comes to an end.


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