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Published: August 1954
Author: Theodor Geisel
Illustrator: Theodor Geisel
Characters: Horton the Elephant
Setting: Jungle of Nool

Horton Hears a Who! is a book written by Dr. Seuss, starring Horton the Elephant, the Sour Kangaroo, the Young Kangaroo, the Mayor, the Wickersham Bros, Vlad Vladakoff, the Whos, and JoJo. It was published in 1954 and the first children's book written by Seuss after he moved to La Jolla.

This story has been made into a cartoon which was included in a special edition DVD of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This story has also been made into a movie that was released on March 14, 2008.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Video Classics

This book was also used for Random House Home Video which entitles "Dr. Seuss Video Classics" which also features "Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose".


Goofs, Errors, Corrections, and Differences

  • This is a review of the Goofs, Errors, Corrections, and Differences between the video and the book.
  • As the video to this book begins, the video is only showing the backing pages of the book where you will see Horton listening to what the people on the speck of dust has too say. The logos to this book "Horton Hears A Who!" and "By Dr. Seuss" is taken from the first logo page put into the backing page, but is painted yellow instead of red.
  • Before page 1 is viewed, you will see blue, red, and green plants and trees in the scenery, and a clear blue pond.
  • As page 1 is on screen the background is painted from white to light green and turned into a sky instead of a bush and the blue flowers on top of the page in the book are gone in the video. The water coming from Horton's trunk is now 3 dimensional. His left eye then opens and his left ear moves up as if he heard something, then his ear is back in his place, but both of his eyes are open and he looks to the left.
  • Notice on most of the pages the background scenery of the sky is going to be blue most likely.
  • On page 2-3 on the video of the book, you will notice that the background is green and so are the plants right by him on the left. Horton then looks at the viewers at the time then looks to the left then looks up, right, down and down left. The small speck of dust flies in the middle of Horton's two eyes then flies off to the left. who will notice that the speck was not pink but green instead.
  • Page 4-5 of the video of this book, the speck flies closer to Horton as the pupils in his eyes move from one place to another.
  • On page 6-7 on the video of the book, you will see a lonely scared who shivering, in the book the speck he was on was white but its green in the video. You will see some clouds moving at some point. The rest of the the scenery of this page has been added and painted and drawn, and there are more extra clouds. Some clouds have been cut from the pages of the book so the editors of random house had to fix the errors by drawing coloring them in. The bottom of the speck has also been painted and drawn.
  • On page 8-9 of the video of this book, Horton approaches his normal spot but is pushes back a little bit, The sky has been painted to sky blue and the hill where the pink clover is has been painted to green.
  • On page 10-11 of the video of this book when Jane Kangaroo and Rudy Jr Kangaroo comes into the scene, the editors replaced Jane and Rudy's layer with the same layers from page 36 in a scene to be shown later as the story goes on. As Rudy then said "Humpf!" his not amused face was replaced with the emotion of laughter he had in the book of page 36 but, only for a brief moment then he stops and his face is back to where he isn't amused. Then the arms of Jane and Rudy from page 36 was put on Jane and Rudy of page 11 then the arms switch back to how it was normally in the book but Rudy isn't amused at the time. During this time Jane is tormenting Horton, he and his trunk is behind the clover at the time then he as he spoke, he then is placed in his normal spot protecting the clover. The background is blue and some of the trees are brought is closer and all of the trees bottom has been cut and placed on the back ground as if the trees are now on a far away hill.
  • Page 12-13 of the video of the book, the clouds are drawn differently and the speck is green from white, The scenery then goes back to page 10-11 and you will notice that Jane and Rudy's arms that were pointed at the clover are taken and replaced the arms from page 36 and their heads that were not amused from page 36 are replace their amused faces.
  • Then as Jane said "I think you're a fool!", her amused face replaces the not so amused face again and as Rudy said *Me,too!* his face from page 36 switched to the amused face again. The video was still on page 10-11 at the time the lines from page 13-14 of the book were being read and narrated. Jane then steps down on page 10-11, then the scene finally goes to page 13-14, you will notice as Jane takes a dive in the pool her hands are drawn in due to being cut in the water she splashed in. The background was painted blue and the grass was painted green on those pages.
  • On page 15-16 on the video of the book, the white grass and bushes are now painted green. Most of the backgrounds were drawn and painted as you can see Horton walking in the jungle.
  • On page 17-18 of the video of the book some of the bushes behind Horton were cut, and the background was blue. then page 4 of the book was used but with Horton's trunk from page 18.
  • Page 19-20 of the video of this book, you will see the town, then it shows a who walking on the stairs to the left, the football the two Whos are playing with and the tennis ball two other whoa are playing with are moving in motion, the mother of 5 Whos appears to be a bit smaller but her and the man who, who is moving the lawn are moving in motion, a third who is also in the scenery of this video but wasn't in the book. and due to the camera being blurry i bit its unknown what page he came from. The sky is painted blue and the grass is painted green.
  • Page 4 is viewed again as you will see Horton but with his trunk from page 18 again and his mouth opens as he speaks.
  • Then as page 21-22 on the video of the book is viewed, you will see three of the Wickersham Brothers come in one by one at different times. The layers Wickersham brothers have been used multiple times coming in and out and from first to last then appears as the last set as it was in the book. The background sky was painted from white to blue.
  • Later on in page 23-24 of the video of the book you will see Vlad Vlad-i-koff from page 25-26 fly around with the clover in his beak.
  • As the scene goes into page 25-26 notice that Horton is nowhere to be seen at the time until the scene changes again to the same scenery as the screen zooms in. You will see Horton climbing the mountains trying to chase after Vlad as he continues flying all night. Then you will notice that more scenery of the dark blue sky has been painted in and Horton is on top of the mountain still trying to stop Vlad.
  • On page 27-28 of the video of this book you will notice that the background sky is blue and the mountains and cliffs are blue and green instead of blue and white. You will still see Vlad from page 25-26 flying then as soon as he flies to the right the editors switch him with the correct layer of Vlad as he was on page 28 of the book as he come flies to the left. Now in the book as Vlad drop's the Clover, he is flying to the right, but in the video as he opens his mouth and drops the clover, he is flying to the left. He flips his black bottomed tail as he flies away.
  • As the Narrator reads the lines from page 29-30 the scene still shows Horton from page 27-28 as he said "I'll find it!, I'll find it or bust! I SHALL find my friends on my small speck of dust!" Then after he said that the scene finally turns to page 29-30 of the video of this book. You will see that the camera is zoomed in on the clovers and Horton as his mouth opened and he said "are you there?" The sky is painted from white to blue and the mountains are painted green from white. You will see Horton move from one place to another three times as the camera is zoomed in closer to the piles of clovers. Then the camera zooms out showing the full scenery as Horton is back in his normal spot as he was in the book.
  • Notice on page 31-32 of the video of this book, the pile of clovers on the right side of Horton is now on the left instead, and the rest of the scenery has been drawn and painted in due to some parts of Horton's ear being cut from the book so the editors drawn and painted the rest of his right ear in.
  • On page 33-34 on the video of this book, look at the rose petals of the flower the Mayor is standing on. Look in the book and you will see that one rose pedal is faced down falling but, in the video of this book, the falling pedal is faced to the right. The background is painted blue again and the grass and bushes are now painted green. Then the video goes back to page 31-32 but, is zoomed in to Horton as he speaks.
  • On page 35-36 on the video of the book, Jane Kangaroo's not amused face has been swapped with the amused face from page 11, but Rudy Jr. Kangaroo's face was still the same not being amused at the time. Then Jane and Rudy Jr's grinning faces from page 38 swapped her amused face and swapped Rudy's not amused face in the scenery as Horton is being confronted. The mountains are now blue instead of green this time and the grass is green in this video of the book. The Wickersham brothers and family return to ambush and capture Horton.
  • On page 37-38 of the video if the book, the top of the first mountain has been drawn and colored in due to being cut on the top of the page of the book, a green bush that wasn't in the book is behind Jane in the video of the book. The grass was painted green and the mountains are now painted blue. As soon as Horton said "Boil it?", the scenery shows Horton from page 36 for a brief moment then shows Horton from page 39-40 as the last lines from page 37 are being narrated at the time.
  • Notice that in the book on page 39-40, Horton has hair on his head, but in the video of the book on page 39-40 he didn't.
  • In Who-ville, on page 41-42, the grass and the sidewalk is painted green and the sky is painted blue while the who's are shouting to be heard. Look at the tall three flowers the two Whos are standing on. In the book 1 rose pedal from each flower falls but in the video the two falling rose pedal's are gone.
  • Then on page 43-44 of the video of this book Jane angry face is looking at the speck on the flower still hearing nothing, then as she spoke, her grinning face from page 38 replaces her angry face and her arm on her hip is replace with the arm from page 38 pointing left at thin air. then as Rudy said "Me, neither", his grinning face from page 38 replaces his confused face looking at the flower.
  • On page 45-46 of the video of the book, notice that that rest of the rope is tied around to Horton's neck but in the book the people who drew the scenery of the book while this book was being written they forgot to draw their own rope to Horton's neck. Horton is also slightly pointed down at the time cause the black grass is close to his trunk holding the clover. The grass is painted green from white and the sky is painted blue from white. Due to the red boiling kettle pot being half cut from the book, the video shows the pot from page 43-44 instead when Jane mentions the Beezle-Nut Juice again. You will see two of the Wickersham gang members moving in action. One of them is on the red cage pulling back and fourth and the other is beating Horton with his feet trying to harm him.
  • On page 47-48 on the video of this book, you will see the Mayor moving his arms holding a mallet being a tom tom drum. You will see another who with bells moving her hands up and down, you will see another who moving in action banging a mallet to a big tin pot another who is holding. Two other who are rattling their own and each other's brass pans, the editors drew and the arms on the two Whos that would make it seem like one who is hitting his own pan. The who is the far back between the marching who band and the two double bass players as also moving in action opening and closing the two garbage pail tops crashing them like symphonic veinese cymbals  and another who is moving in action using her hammer to hit a cranberry can. As you then see the whole scenery, notice that an extra flower top is next to the who playing bells. The scenery background has been painted from white to green.
  • On page 49-50 on the video of the book, the fog you see coming from the horns in the book are now being blown out quickly. The big clouds have been edited as you can see blue from under it. Then the scenery goes back to page 45-46 showing Horton as he replies to the Whos.
  • On the video of the book, as the lines from page 51 are being narrated, you will then see the Mayor from page 52 of the book runs left and right past the two Who xylophone players on pages 47, notice that the person who is playing two paddle balls and a bell is now has a third paddle ball on his right feet, but in the book he only has two paddle balls in hand and one bell on his left feet. pages 41 and 42 are being viewed again but only in sections of the Whos yelling, singing and shouting. The video book is now faced horizontal to show the musical director and her 5 Whos singing as their window is faced up and the mayor from that same page passes them, Then the scenery of page 51-52 is shown fully as you can now see the Mayor running up the red stairs but instead of him going past the opened door like he did in the book he goes inside it in the video.
  • On page 53-54 of the video of the book you will still see the Mayor from page 52 run past the bedrooms first then the bathtub room second. Notice that the stairs of the house are now painted from white to pink. Then the scene goes to the living room as you see the Mayor in the doorway, notice that he is a tad bit more closer out the door in the video from being in his normal spot in the book. You will see Jojo's yo-yo moving up and down in the video as he stands in the living room.
  • On page 55-56 on the video of the book you will see the Mayor from page 52 running up the stairs and up the flag pole with Jojo and his speaker phone. Then the the layers of the Mayor finally switches to the Mayor standing on the top of the pole as he did in the book. The background has been painted from white to blue. Jojo's mouth is closed at the time but opens briefly as he said "YOPP"
  • On page 57-58 of the video of the book, the rest of Horton's left ear was drawn for the video in due to being unfinished in the book. The background is painted from white to blue.
  • On page 59 of the video of the book, Some of Horton's left ear has been drawn in due to being cut in the book, the Blue cloud above Jane and Rudy Jr. has been painted white in the video cause in the book, it was blue.


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