Humming Fishes are amphibious fishes that live in the Truffula Valley. Regarding their name, they can hum, featured in "The Lorax (book)" and "The Lorax (film)".


They appear in the book, the 1972 T.V special, the 2012 film, and 1 of the 3 mini-movies that come with the Blu-ray combo pack, entitled "Serenade", where a possibly male humming fish came to a female humming fish to propose with a pearl inside a clam.


Humming Fishes are shown to be pretty laid-back, humming peacefully in the rivers, but that's before The Once-ler destroyed their home by his factory's "Gluppity Glup" and "Schloppity Schlop" pipes that produce toxic liquid to the rivers where the humming fishes live, thus they were shown leaving the now wasteland valley along with the Barb-a-loots and Swomee Swans (including The Once-ler's mule, Melvin) to find a new place which they could call home.


  • They can breathe both on land and in water.
  • They can walk on land with the help of their tail fins.
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