I Can Read with my Eyes Shut! is a children's book by Dr. Seuss featuring the titular character from The Cat in the Hat. In this story The Cat in the Hat teaches the Young Cat in the Hat about learning how much fun you can have with reading and and learning in how to do things with you eyes shut half of time but not all the time. 

This Book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles as "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books "Dr. Seuss's ABC" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?"

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Goofs, Errors Corrections and Differences

  • This is a review of the Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences between the page scenes on the video and the book.
  • On page 1 on the video of this book there are some differences. In the book the text "Red, Blue, and Pickle Color" are not used. The Cat in the Hat's glasses are already in a "Pickle Color"; but, as the video begins you will see that the Cat's glasses lens are red then then the camera zooms into the cat as his lens are now blue. The Camera zooms in again as the lens are now in the pickle color green.
  • On the top of page 2, some changes are made. More blue coloring has been added to fit into the scenery in the video where you will see the Cat reading in bed as the young cat looks into the window. Notice in the video that the window and the picture frame have a little less from how they looked in the book.
  • On the bottom of page 2 there are a few differences. In the book, the Cat's glasses, you will notice that the right lens is purple and the left lens is brown, the Cat was not blinking none of his eyes. During this time he is pointing his umbrella to the subtitles "Purple" and "Brown" and the young cat is looking in that direction the Cat in the hat is pointing. Now, In the video, both the left and right lens of the glasses change from purple to brown, The Cat is blinking his right eye in purple, then blinks his left eye in brown but the left blinked eye was facing right. Notice that The Cat's umbrella is not in this scene cause the words "Purple and Brown" have been taken out from this scene and young cat is not facing the right but facing left looking at The Cat in the Hat instead. The editors have also moved young cat up a little bit.
  • On page 3 on the book, you will see the hills in the background and the clouds and the light yellow sky. you will see the young cat climbing up a big Circle where the Cat in the Hat is seen upside down while walking and a bird is shocked at what the cat is doing as he flies in the scene. In the video, you will see him right side up and then he swirls upside down. Notice that the layer of this Cat has grew a few times from the size he was in the book. The hills have been moved up and the first tree has been moved over to the right a little, the second tree has been moved more on the left, the green house has been moved up a bit in the same place but on another part of the hill. The clouds and the flying bird are not in this scene on the video like in the book. The Bold text on the circle was gone too but said by the Narrator.
  • Due to the Cat's hat being cut off on the top of page 4 in the book, the editors drew and painted in his hat however they painted it in wrong because the cat's hat always had 3 red and 2 white stripes, not one white and 2 red. Young Cats hat was cut from the page too but the edits drew and painted his hat in correctly. Also in the book he was standing on the older Cat's Back but, in the video they took him from the older cat's back and put him beside the older cat and rotated him up a little. On the bottom of page 4 of the video everything is the same except the background still being blue and not green like it was in the book. They were reading a small paper that says "Fish" and "Another Fish".
  • On page 5, everything is the same but the Cat's whiskers on the left have been painted more boldly. Big Cat's is reading the word "Mississipi"
  • On page 6-7 on the video of this book, the scene is zoomed into the cat's book being balanced on the handle of his umbrella that is being balanced in the brown grass. The cat's hand has been cut off from the body and used to point at the words he is saying as the camera is zoomed in. There are subtitles used in the video from the book. "Mississippi, Indianapolis and Hallelujah, too!" Then the hand is back on the body as the camera phases to the full scene and zooms out slowly viewing the full scene. Young Cat has been brought in a little closer going right as well as the tree behind him and the other tree by the older Cat has been brought in going left being close to the him. You will notices his hat slumping and his bow tie zig-zagging.
  • On page 8-9 on the video of this book, the camera is zoomed into the big cat as he is reading his green book. The green and the cats hands have been moved up to his face to make it seem like he is reading. There are a few changes to the scene The cat's hat (that was slumping) from the recent page 6-7 is used to replace his messed up hat he was normally wearing in the book. He is wearing the slumping hat at the time and his eye browns are not red at the time but black. Then the scene changes back to how it was in the book where his hat is now messed up with more red and white stripes and his eyebrows have turned red. His bow tie has been worn out also. Some of the small pink squiggly lines have been erased out the scene which explains why you only see a few. Young cat is 4 steps closer to the Cat in the Hat and the red slumped tree, "that was a perfectly fine tree in the last scene" has been moved closer to the young cat but also moved down a few paces too.
  • On page 10-11 on the video of this book, the scenery has been a little expanded. The first tree you see has an error where is cut off on the bottom to the it being cut on the page but the top of the tree has been drawn and painted in.Tree #4 has been moved in between tree#2 and tree#3. The cat and young cat are phasing in from the right then they phase quickly leaving the scene as Jim Thurman "the voice of the Cat in the Hat as the narrator" reads a little faster. The tree that is cut off from the page on the left has been erased in the scene and another tree is moved to the bottom. If you look closely at the bottom of the screen of this scene, the bottom trees are cut at the bottom and a cloud in the sky is missing only showing one cloud.
  • Everything is the same on page 12 on the top as the camera is zooming out the scene where Cat and young cat are by the trees. On the bottom of page 12 the bees have been rotated up and are moving their wings bee#1 is moved behind bee#2 and bee#3 is in front of bee#2. In the video, the Cat's tail is not much squiggly and is pointed back and but in the book its squiggly but a little part of is cut from the page of the book. The knee with yellow shorts is rotated up from being slanted down to the left and most of the purple background scene has been painted in to fill and fit the t.v. screen.
  • On page 13 on the video of of this book on the upper page scene of "Knees on Trees" everything is the same as the camera is zooming in at a blue bird looking at a knee and on the bottom page scene, the 3 bees you saw earlier are in a purple background in the video but all white in the book. The 3 Numbers 3 comes in under the bees one by one and not at the same time.
  • On page 14 on the video of the book on the upper page scene, the camera is zooming going left down in the scene where you will see Cat on a Mini Motor Jet boat roped to an anchor in the water as is pulls Young cat on a normal boat. Everything is the same on that scene except the little green fish being rotated straight but is looking at the anchor. On the bottom page scene, the white hill is moved up and shifted to the right a little. Young cat's eyes are looking down at the ants instead of looking straight at them. The ants are phasing in quickly going their way like they did in the book.
  • On page 15 on the video of this book their is some differences but one of them is that main difference. In the book you will see the Cat holding a sign with the text on the page saying "You can read about ankles!", but in the video he is holding that same sign but the text is replaced with word that only says, "Ankles" in bold text. The Cat's hat on the top has been drawn and painted due to being cut from the page in the book. On the bottom that shows the two Crocodiles wearing pants, Young cat has been moved a little to the left on the hill and the second pants wearing crocodile is moved up slightly.
  • On page 16 on the upper part of the page scene. everything is the same as the camera zooms into young cat as you will heard the sound of water spraying from a hose. On the bottom of this page scene, the yellow rose phases closer to the big Cat and the magenta rose phases to the younger cat.
  • On page 17 on the video of the book the 5 people and are spaced out than that being close in the book. In the book, the blue short haired man is on the top with the elderly woman in front of him, a man with not much yellow hair is on the bottom on the page, a man with big yellow hair is on the bottom of the page, a man with black hair is on the right below the blue haired man and and the big yellow hair man. In the Video, they have been all spaced out except the young cat who is in the same place as he was in the book but with more of his front body being drawn and filled with black ink due to being cut on the bottom of the page. The Blue short haired man is on the left at the bottom while the yellow short haired man is above him, the elderly woman is in the middle, the black haired man is pushed back 8 paces to the right and the big yellow haired man under him is 1 pace away from young cat. The owls come in one by one. some of the owls have been rotated up a little.
  • On page 18-19 on the video of this book, you will see the camera zoomed into young Cat who is walking on the hill with The Cat in the Hat. In the book, you see the book in mid air that the big cat has thrown to young cat for him to catch. In the video, The big cat's right arm is down holding the pink book then he phases his arm up to how it was in the book as he threw the book at young cat, the camera phases out showing the full scene as young Cat catches the pink book. Jim Thurman the voice of the Cat doesn't say "You'll learn about..." in this scene after he said "The most wonderful stuff"; However, he said "You'll learn about..." in the next scene.
  • On page 20 on the video of this book, the camera is zoomed in viewing the bones of a fish who is still alive. the pink back ground has a black outline on it. The camera moves to the hands bending a wishbone. The blue background has a black outline as well and its has also been rotated from leaning slanted to the right from being a little slanted to the left. Notice the rest of the two arms have been drawn in. On the bottom of this page scene you will see the camera slowly zooming out viewing the Cat in the Hat playing a trombone (as the sound of a trombone is heard) and and young cat tags along with him.
  • On page 21 on the video of the book Jake the pillow snake and his pillow and young Cat are in a full screen yellow background and Jake is phasing his body left, right up and down repeatedly and rapidly and on the bottom of this page you will see young cat as the camera moves up and slightly zooms up viewing Foo-Foo the Snoo's face. Notice one of the upside down white U's "that is attached to the floor" is right beside young cat in the video but not in the book.
  • On page 22 on the video of the book, you will see the ice, then the ice fade out showing the mice on ice skates next then the ice fades back in as you see the mice on the ice as they were in the book. The scene shows the bottom page where the two same mice are seen walking right "not moving" as the camera moves left slowly.
  • On page 23 on the video of this book you will see The Cat in the Hat from page 7 replacing himself in the scene of this video, the reason why, because, the Cat in the Hat's body was cut from the page in the book; however, the editors took a top piece of the page 23 cat's hat covered in snow to replace the top of the hat that was slumping down and they took a piece of the page 23 cat's hand holding an umbrella from that cat to replace the page 7 cat's pointing hand and notice the Cat from page 7, his bow tie was not fixed but still in Zig-Zags to where it's about to be worn out. Also more yellow and blue has been added to the background scene and a bucket of ice has been moved up little. The sign still has has the subtitles "Nice Ice for sale 10 cents a pail" as it did from the book and are read by the cat aka Jim Thurman the narrator.
  • On page 24 on the video of this book, the background is all purple instead of going from blue to yellow. On GLAD, everything is the same. On the "SAD" part the cat's hat was cut from the page of the book and the editors didn't feel like drawing and painting it in. So they left the bottom part of the hat but took the top part of the hat from the "MAD" section to replace it. The scene phases from the Cat and young cat being sad, glad, and mad. The last paper was white in the book but purple. The cat's arms those three sections remained cut half as the video goes on.
  • On page 25 on the video of this book The Cat and young cat and a giant strange animal have been moved up and young cat is a few paces away from the big cat. The camera is moving from right going left and moving up.
  • On page 26-27 on the video of this book, everything is the same as you see The Cat in the Hat and young cat riding on a brown elephant as they are phasing to the right like they are in the book going right.
  • On page 28 on the video of the book the dollars are raining down slowly as you see young cat in still in the scene however the editors took the dollar from his hand he was holding in the book and filled his hand drawing it in.
  • On page 29 on the video of the book on the top, everything is the same as you will see young cat making doughnuts. The rest of the doughnut machine has been drawn in and filled with blue paint to cover the bottom scene that was cut in the book. Instead of the doughnuts shooting out into the bowl, they are shooting out one by one missing the bowl full of doughnuts. On the bottom the rest of the green background has been filled in the scene with more green to fit the screen. There wasn't much green in the book on that scene. Young Cat is moving his paw fingers as the right scissor blade is moving. The feathers of the Kangaroo Collars Young Cat is has on the floor are all moved away replaces with nothing but a small yellow background. Young cat is moved down slightly a little from how he was in the book.
  • On page 30-31 on the video of the book you will see the camera zoomed in page 31 but zooming out slowly on the scene of this video where the Cat in the hat is pointing his umbrella at sheet music on a music stand you won't see his hand holding the umbrella cause it was cut from the video due to the camera not being zoomed out enough. The scene phases showing the full scene but still not showing the hat's hand holding the umbrella. Young Cat's eyes are open and he is smiling as he has his mouth on the blower of the Hut-Zut instrument which he doesn't not know how to play. His left hand is up a little. Then a few minutes later, the scene is back to how is was in the book as you see that he shuts his eyes and pushes the button and white fog is blown out the muffler of the Hut-Zut, as that started to happen the background music plays awful noise of the Hut-Zut.
  • On page 32-33 on the video of the book everything is the same, you will see The Cat in the Hat and Young Cat in a car leaving the town of "Wilkes-Barre." The moving car and the cats shrink and grow as it goes and leaves the scene to the right.
  • On the last page on the book, the Cat in the Hat has his right eye on the viewers left closed and young cat keeps his left eye on the viewers right closed, but in the video, both their eyes are open. The closed eyes were drawn and painted open then the camera phases in closer and nothing has changed then as it phases in one more time Big Cat's right eye is closed and Young Cat's left eye is closed as Jim Thurman voice of the Big Cat says "At least on one side" and the episode of this book on video comes to an end.


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