JoJo McDodd is Ned's only son and tritagonist of Horton Hears a Who! As oldest child he's next in line for being the Mayor of Whoville.

He is voiced by Jesse McCartney.


JoJo has an apathetic and introverted attitude; that distinguishes him from the rest of the Whos more cheerful. Although he seems indifferent to his father; especially when Ned talks about being mayor, the truth is that he is so terrified of disappointing him that he never speaks.

He is very smart and resourceful, as he was able to create what is literally a giant instrument (called "the Symphonophone" on the soundtrack) with castaway items and setting an elaborate system to produce music.


In the film, JoJo's silent personality has created a unique appearance, JoJo has long, black hair, pale skin, brown/auburn eyes,and is adjourned in black-and-grey striped fur.

He is also small for his age; despite being a teenager, he is shorter than some of his younger sisters.


  • He only has four to five lines lines in the film:
    • (silently mocking his dad) "Good talk."
    • "YOPP!"
    • "Dad, you're one of the greats!"
    • "What are we gonna do without you, Horton?"
    • (singing) "I can't fight this feeling any-MORE!!!!"
  • Technically in the Blue Sky Film, the statment that he is the smallest Who is incorrect, as Hedy, his youngest sister, is smaller than he is.
    • However this may be due to her young age, while JoJo is still smaller than the rest of his sisters.
    • In a deleted scene, it is shown that JoJo was going to be much smaller.
  • JoJo's singing voice at the end of the film is provided not by Jesse McCartney, but by session singer Fletcher Sheridan[1], who was in another Dr. Seuss film, The Lorax, as Cy, the O'Hare delivery guy.


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