Marie is the three year old who sang in Let it Grow.


Marie is Caucasian, with a large head, blue eyes, and blonde pigtails. She wears a white lacy shirt with puffy sleeves and over the top of it, a deep pink dress with green dots. Marie has a lock of hair out of place on the left hand side. As a superhero, she wears a long, red superhero cape made out of silk that reaches from her neck and shoulders to her heels.


Marie was eating an ice cream. When Aloysius O'Hare was demonstrating stinging bees trees attract, he poked her ice cream. She said "Hey!" and continued eating it. She also sang the third verse to Let it Grow, stating her name, age, desire to see a tree, a few la-las, and her vote to let the seed grow. Later, when Mr. O'Hare asked who agreed with him to let the seed die, Marie grumpily said "Nobody!"

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