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Published: August 12, 1972
Author: Ted Geisel
Illustrator: Ted Geisel
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Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! is A Bright & Early Book written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss. It concerns the titular character, Marvin K. Mooney (an anthropomorphic dog-person) who is being told that it is time to go by unseen individual, possibly his father. Exactly where he is to go is never specified, though it maybe to bed, given that he is wearing a pajama jumpsuit.

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books Hop on Pop and Oh Say Can You Say?

Throughout the book, the unseen individual suggests a number of creative ways that Mooney might go, including such fanciful devices as a "Bumble-Boat" or a "Ga-Zoom," which would let him go with a boom.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections, and Differences

  • As this video of the book begins on pages 1 you will see Marvin and only the right hand of a man, whose face isn't seen but voice being heard, wearing a watch, the left hand comes in pointing down at his watch and his left hand doesn't stay in mid air like it did in the book and the movement dialogue in the book is erased in the video. Marvin's head from page 1 "who is looking at the arm with a watch" then quickly switches to his head from page 2.
  • Then the scene goes to page 2-3 on the video of this book as the camera zooms slowly closer to Marvin, the Man's hand is seen pointing but is pushed back a little.
  • Page 4 is not used in this video, instead page 2-3 is used to cover page 4 and the hand is bigger now and stretches and points further to the right as the narrator (Earl Hammond) said "Just go. Go. GO! I don't care how"
  • On page 5 on the video of the book when the narrator said "You can go by foot." Marvin is seen walking in full motion and his arms have been drawn and painted and added to him as he is seen walking on the top of a half cut blue background Bongos are heard as he walks away. Marvin comes again riding on a brown Cow that's waddling away and the narrator says the title of this book.
  • On page 6 on the video of the book, Marvin is seen rolling on his skates but the movement dialogue from the book on that page has been erased from the video. He expands a little as he comes on skates. As you then see him on skis, the yellow in the back is bigger but it was small in the book and he is seen flying up on his skis.
  • On page 7 on the video of the book, Marvin in a hat is flipped vertical flying to the left shrinking a little going away but in the book he is seen with the yellow dialogue coming up from the bottom going to the right.
  • On page 8 on the video of the book, you will see Marvin riding his bike, his legs are moving in full motion as the petals on the bike twirl around to. The bike seems to be kinda small a little from its normal size like it was in the book, and he is riding in another spot under his normal spot still going up. Below this page, He is seen on a Zike-Bike going fast as only the pedals twirl around. As she as he comes on the Zike-Bike on a dirt ram, the bike goes up and back down again going away.
  • On page 9 on the book due to looking at the movement dialog, it seems that the old shoe Marvin is in, is going as a fast pace to the right, but in the video of this book, the movement dialogue is erased and him and the old shoe have been shrunken a little and are seen hovering slowly up and down going to the right. Then the scene goes to page 10-11 as the narrator said "please do do do!"
  • On page 10-11 on the video of the book, notice that the left hand (no watch) in that scene in the book has been replace by the left hand (watch) from page 2-3. The rug Marvin is standing on has been lifted up and the rest of it has been drawn and painted in but this time the rug is all red and not red and white or yellow. As this scene begins the left hand isn't seen until that narrator says the title of the book for the second time.
  • Marvin comes in fast on stilts on page 12 on the video of this book as drums are heard and the dialogue has been erased and the other side of the blue background is white. Then below you will see him on a fish and there is no movement as the camera zooms from him and looks as the green fish.
  • On page 13 on the video of the book the background is all red and the white is on the bottom as Marvin is seen driving a Crunk-Car hopping up a little going to the right but the Crunk-Car itself doesn't move and the smoke as been erased from the mufflers of the Crunk-Car.
  • On page 14 of the video of the book, you will see the camera moving up showing the lion and Marvin hanging onto his/her tail but no movement in this scene is happening.
  • On page 15 of the video of the book you will see Marvin in the mailman's bag of mail. Notice that their is no stamp on Marvin's head until the narrator says "Or stamp yourself..." then the stamp pops on his head with the sound effect of 2 wooden blocks clicking together in the background. The camera shows the full view of the scene showing Marvin in the bag and the mailman but neither of them are in movement. The camera then moves to the left showing the clear background past them. The purple background has been lowered slightly and the white grass is a little bit different on some parts.
  • On page 16-17 on the video of the book Marvin is seen riding a Zumble-Zay as a purple elephant leads the way. The line to the green leaf to his chair is a little thicker and going straight and not a little curly like it was in the book. There is no movement in this scene The camera zooms out showing the full scenery then phases to the next scene.
  • On page 18 on the video of the book, Marvin, is seen flying with the big balloons the top of the last balloon has been drawn and painted in, due to being cut from the top of the page in the book. Marvin flies out from the scene shrinking a little and comes back in flying on a broomstick as the broom touches the closed bureau dresser drawer that looks different a little bit. In the book Marvin's broom didnt touch the bureau dresser drawer. Notice that Marvin on a broom has been a little expanded as he flies by leaving the scene. The bureau drawer has been designed a little bit different then it changes back to the one how it was in the book as it opens showing Marvin. In the book, the Camel is seen slanted down looking left but in the video the Camel is a little slanted vertical as you will notice that his knees touch the sand a little bit, and the drawer is moved down a little on him. Notice in the book that you will see two trees, one on the left side of the camel and the other one on the right, but in the video the tree that was on the left has been put on the right.
  • On page 19 on the video of the book, The water from the top of the Bumble Boat has been removed from the scene and the dialogue movements of the bumble boat fan blades have been removed. Then below you will see Marvin in a red jet already in the sky as he was in the book then the jet takes off as the smoke from the mufflers of the jet appear briefly then disappear as quick as it was seen and then Marvin is seen flying up in his jet again.
  • On page 20-21 on the video of the book, you will see a Ga-Zoom but Marvin isn't around yet, but then as the narrator says "BOOM" the smoke (that has been shrunken a little) from the Ga-Zoom appears with the words "BOOM" the same time Marvin is seen flying straight up into the sky out the Ga-Zoom and you will see him continuing to fly up as he flies away out the scene.
  • On page 22-23 on the video of the book, you will see the seven birds flapping their wings passing by as they carry Marvin on a red royal coach with flowers on it they birds carry it on their beaks and necks as they fly away out the scene past the big white clouds.
  • On the video of this book, the scenery of page 2-3 have been used to cover page 24-25 as you will see Marvin from page 2-3 standing still and the arm from that same page that has been used a few times before. Then the arm switches out to the arm from page 24-25 but it's rotated up a few notches still pointing down at Marvin and at the same time that arm switched to the pointing down arm Marvin from page 3 switches to Marvin from page 25 but he has been expanded the same size as himself from page 3. Marvin from page 25 is seen standing on the carpet from page 3 so the carpet from page 25 is not used. He is one step away from the left hand.
  • On the last page of the video of the book, the dark green wall behind the left hand that waves goodbye to Marvin has been pushed to the left a little and so was the left hand that was waving to Marvin. The carpet has been moved up and moved to the right a little more which explains that Marvin is a little further from his standing point he was placed in the book, the movement dialogue lines in the book have been erased in the video. As the video ends and as the narrator said "SO... Marvin WENT" Marvin vanishes from the scene completely like a ghost instead of phasing away to the right and the video comes to an end.


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