Mayzie is a character from the Dr. Seuss books and Seussical the Musical. She first appeared in Horton Hatches the Egg before she was given a prominent role in Seussical and she appeared as the main antagonist in Horton Hatches the Egg (1942 cartoon). She is known to be lazy, vain and vivacious and loves making people envious of her good looks and talent. She is beautiful and can be a bit self-obsessed and mean but knows what she can and can't handle in life. (Although she never admits it).


After about a week or two of sitting on her egg, Mayzie relied and persuaded Horton to sit on her egg for a few hours, while she actually flew to Palm Beach on her vacation and decided to never go back until Horton was done. Many months later when Horton was sold to the circus, causing him to arrive at Palm Beach and Mayzie saw the show, bumping into Horton in the process. When the egg is about to hatch, she demanded the egg back without offering Horton a reward. The bird soon hatches and is a cross between Mayzie and Horton, who is rewarded for his hard work by keeping the "elephant bird" and Mayzie is punished for her laziness by getting nothing. As she pouts on the side, a man who came in the tent with the others spots her for an unknown reason as the others are being entertained by the new discovery of the elephant bird.

However, in Seussical the Musical, Mayzie decides to give Horton full ownership of the egg, admitting that she would not be a good parent and Horton would be a better parent. She gets a bit more of a featured role in Seussical, convincing Gertrude McFuzz to grow a giant tail to impress Horton. In The 2005 T.V. special, Seussical, she does the same decision. She is voiced by Kristen Chenoweth.


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