Mayzie McGrew as seen in Daisy-Head Mayzie.

Mayzie McGrew is the protagonist of Daisy-Head Mayzie. She is first seen with a bright bright yellow daisy growing out of from her head. It causes alarm in her classroom, family, and town, until an agent makes her a celebrity. The Cat in the Hat then helps Mayzie to understand her problem and persuades her to go back home. She is voiced by Fran Smith.


Mayzie McGrew is an adorable little girl with blonde hair with a daisy growing out of her head and a pink dress with puffy sleeves and lighter colored ribbons with matching shoes.


In earlier Dr. Seuss lore, the name "Mayzie" is also given to a bird: a lazy acquaintance of Horton the Elephant who also has a role in the musical Seussical.


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