Michellee is one of the main characters in Green Eggs and Ham (Netflix Series). She is E.B.'s overprotective single mother and tries as much as possible to keep her safe from any potentially dangerous situation.


Michellee is a light brown creature with short brunette hair wearing a purple hat with a blue flower on top. She also wears a purple dress.


  • She used to live in Meepville and was a painter.
  • Her husband died when E.B. was still a little child. That is likely the reason of her overprotectiveness.
  • She has a mutual crush on Guy-Am-I but throughout the series several inconveniences most not directly caused by him cause her to despise Guy. In the season finale they fully reconcile and kiss and are probably in a relationship.
  • She is vegan. 
  • Michellee is one of the several characters created for the series and absent in the book although the mother and child in the train may have inspired her and E.B.
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