Miss Funce-ler
Appeared: The Lorax (TV Special)
Performer: Athena Lorde

Unknown (possibly Human)

Gender Female

Once-ler's secretary

Miss Funce-ler is a character in The Lorax (TV Special). She is the Once-ler's secretary.


The Once-ler first calls her to call Miss O'Schmunsler to his office, and then she warns him that The Lorax is back in the office. Later, when the Humming Fish leave, the Once-ler is just about to close the factory when he starts to feel sorry for the animals and trees, but Mrs. Funce-ler calls him to warn that his factory's points rose by one.

After the last Truffula Tree is cut down, Miss Funce-ler, along with everyone else, left the factory and went away.


  • She is not seen at all, only speaking by intercom both times, but it can be assumed she wears a green jumpsuit like the Once-ler and everyone else.
  • She is the only character in the special (other than the Once-ler) to acknowledge the Lorax's existence.
  • Both her and Miss O'Schmunsler are voiced by the same person.
  • Since she is not in the book, she does not appear in The Lorax (film), where the only factory workers are the Once-ler's Family.
    • In the early drafts of the movie, the Once-ler had another secretary that an old lady and was not his mother, Isabella. It's unknown if that was Miss Funce-ler or not, but since the movie does not use any elements exclusive to the special, it's probably not her.
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