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Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza is a song that only appeared in the 1971 cartoon, The Cat in the Hat.


The Cat in the Hat: There's a gradunza-snitcher in the house. And without my gradunza, things will never be the same.
The Cat in the Hat: How dear to my heart was that beautiful gradunza. That my old feline father bequeathed to me.
That old family gradunza, The old, three-handled family gradunza, The old, moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza. That hung on the family tree.
The Cat in the HatI've been burgled--thwertled by a fish.
Conrad: Awww Give it back to him Mr Krinklebine.
Sally: Come on now, don't be mean
The Fish: But I didn't steal his whatis, I'm guiltless, I'm clean.
The Cat in the Hat (character): thwertled by a fish
The Cat in the Hat (character): I'll never see, my darling moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza anymore......
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