Mr Brown is a character in the Dr. Seuss Books.

He is in the book: Hop on Pop

Appearance: Mr Brown is a human like character he has pure white skin and wears a brown top hat. He also wears brown clothing. He is a skinny man. His Top Hat seems to be very strong as it can balance him upside down,

Mr Brown

Mr Brown

Mr Brown in Hop on Pop
He is introduced with his wife Mrs Brown, he is then balancing upside down. With his top hat supporting all his weight. He then continues to go on a see saw with Pup. When Pup falls back down on the see saw Mr Brown fly up and they don't know where he's gone. They realize that Pup landed so hard that it flew Mr Brown out of town. Mr Brown came back with Mr Black. Someone we presume he met in the town. Brown, Black and Pup all eat snacks on a picnic blanket. This is the last we see of him in Hop on Pop.

He does not appear to be the (Human) Mr. Brown from Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?


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