Ned McDodd is the Mayor of Whoville and the deuteragonist of Horton Hears a Who! He is the father of 96 daughters and one son.

He is voiced by comedian Steve Carell.


Ned is described as "devoted, fair, and a little bit odd". He takes his job as Mayor seriously and enthusiastically, despite having the Town Council waiting for him to screw up.

He is as cheerful as all the Who, but he shows more concern when noticing something out of the ordinary; even becomes stressed. Although he is unsure about facing the Council Chairman, his concern for the safety of the inhabitants of Who-Ville leads him to try to make everyone aware of the danger.

Is a dedicated father with great love for all his children and enjoys every moment spent with them, despite the time and effort involved in caring for 97 children. Although he is very attentive to his 96 daughters, he is more clueless when it comes to his son, with whom he has struggled to connect with for years and sometimes assumes that he knows what JoJo wants.


He wears a blue coat complete with tie and mayoral crest, as well as having brown hair and fur and blue eyes.

As can be seen from a photo from his wedding, in his youth he had longer and darker hair, similar to his son.


  • He has an unfortunate tendency to get a staple in his forehead. The resulting yell of pain is loud enough enough to breach Whoville's protective barrier.


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