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Oh Say Can You Say is a children's book written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss, and published in 1979 by Random House. It is a collection of 25 tongue-twisters such as "Oh my brothers! Oh my sisters! These are Terrible Tongue Twisters!" This was Dr. Seuss's last beginner book.

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books Hop on Pop and Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • Most of the titles you will see in the book are in a rectangular banner on the video but the same color back ground for behind the title words. 
  • On page 1 on the video, everything is pretty much the same as it was, the color smoke appears as Hooey is mentioning how bad the words in the book are. 
  • On page 2 on the video of the book book, the three signs "Fresh, Fresher and Freshest" are used and taken from the needles they were currently on, then were placed back on their needles, and Finney's big fork is over painted, before the fishes appear thewas of his apron is drawn in before the "Fresher" sign covers it and the last fish opens his eye briefly and closes it after the narrator says "Fetch me the finest French-fried Freshest fish that Finney fries!" This might prove that the fish might be alive and not dead. 
  • Page 4-5 of the video of the book, Dinn the dinosaur skeleton's shin is a bit different from the one in the book, and the logo that says "Dinn's Shin" it was a bit more closer to the skeleton than it was in the book. Blinn the Pinner is removed at first but then as his name was called, then he appears in the scene, but two steps away from where he was normally standing at in the book.
  • On page 7-8 on the video of this book everything is pretty much the same as the Bed spreader spreads his bed sheet on the bed while the Bread Spreader is spreading his toasted bread with butter. The bed linen is then tossed on the Bread Spreader's head.
  • Page 8 of the video of the book, when you see the ape eating grape cakes repeatedly the amount of grapes stays the same on his plate.
  • The dog on page 9 of the video and the question mark is in a white background but he was in a yellow background in the book on page 9.
  • Page 10 of the video of the book, a dollar sign is used instead of the main title from the page, the man who holds holding a suitcase, you will notice that his arm and hand is missing at first and the Grox box was turned into a suitcase, and two dollar signs show up on the sides of the man's face. Then, you will see the Grox in the box but the man is missing. Later, then the scene is back to how it normally was in the book.
  • Page 11 of the video of the book, another dog creature holding a simple thimble and a single shingle is looking at the viewers then looks at the thimble and the camera slowly zooms out. 
  • Page 12-13, everything is the same in camera movments where you see Captain Skipper Zipp allowing customers to come on his ship to eat. The Bird then flaps his hands up telling the viewers that "The Next One's Easy" 
  • In the Fuddnuddlers, you will see the Dog from page 9 holding the Fuddnuddler's flag instead of his mirror, then the scene goes to page 15 and back to 14 of the book. A little Fuddnuddler who's name might be Jipper is holding the flag as he was in the book. The camera pans down showing the brothers down to Lud then pans over to a little dog sitting on a mushroom A sneeze sound effect is heard the scene shakes several times and the little dog looks down as if all the fuddnuddlers had fell to the ground.
  • Page 16 the logo "QUACK QUACK!" is put into a square box but the background is blue. and the two ducks's mouths are closed until they say "Quack". The background is all yellow.
  • Page 17 of the video of the book, The camera pans to the dog who's thumb is pointing over to the shack, the smoke from the shack coming out the smoke stack is drawn differently than how it was in the book, the dog's thumb gets erased on the last part of this page. The dog is now looking at the shack feeling concerned about his sack he is wearing on his back then he looks at the sack as soon as the Schnack appears in the sack.
  • Page 18-19, the logo banner "west beast east beast" have been split apart. you will see a stranded island hard to reach with no one there at first. The east beast with webbed feet and webbed hands appears first and the west beast appears with fuzzy feet and fuzzy hands. then a boy who tells the story appears although its unknown how he even got there. During the comparison, the the two beasts are sitting close to one another still angry at each other on who is the best. The boy's head is then flipped looking right and then left again as it was in the book. Then the east beast who is told that he is the best by the boy tilt his head down feeling shy and emotional.
  • Page 20 of the video of the book, Pete the farmer is standing on green grass that used to be white in the book and Pete is also a few steps away from the tree on his left.
  • Page 21, the hill has been redrawn, the tree on the left is on the top of the hill and the tree on the right and the house is lowered down. The sky was colored from white to blue and due to the pig that has been cut from this page, the editors copied and pasted half of the third pig's face onto the first pig and added more bars on the pigpen.
  • Page 22-23 the bag and the bowl are being used as the logo without Fritz or Fred being buy it at the time. Fritz and Fred are a bit more closer then how it used to be in the book their arms are bent then placed in the back to how it was in the book where the beans are thrown to each others mouths.
  • On page 24-25 of the video of the book, the boy who is looking at the Klotz and the Glotz through a telescope, is more closer and raised up a little more. The mountains in the background of this page scene have also been raised up as well.
  • Page 26 on the video of the book,The title "What would you rather be when you Grow Up?" is now in a banner on a yellow back ground. The Cop appears first without the cop cap then the cap appears on his head, the cupcake cook appears without his hat then his hat appears. The angle of the second pancake has been face pointed vertically and not horizontally like it was in the book and the third pancake was coming down from the ceiling onto the fat dog-like woman's head instead of coming off the spatula, and as she is seen making pancakes she appears to be looking ahead and not at the baker behind her, and the hot steam that was coming from the muffins were erased in the video not being shown.
  • Page 27 of the video of the book, the kooky captain was lowered down some and the green feather on his cap was left being cut in the video like how it was cut in the page in the book.
  • The scene of page 5 is used one more time where Blinn is arriving with the pins. The logo "More about Blinn" from page 28 is used being put into a banner. on page 5. Then the scene goes to page 28. You may notice. that the twins are not on Blinn's feet at the time until they are mentioned and are seen later playing their violins with violin sticks in hand. Some pins seem to be missing from Blinn's pin box next to him.
  • Page 29 on the video of the book, the logo "Oh say can you Say?" have been used from the cover of the book and has been painted from yellow to blue. the word "and.." is also their as well colored sky blue. Gretchen von Schwinn appears to be one step away from the yellow flower, the walking Mandolin is missing two strings in the video. Gretchen's dog is two steps away from the walking mandolin. the side walk is pointed vertically.
  • Page 30 of the video of the book, the logo "Rope Soap Hoop" is put into a square box line as a banner. and put in a white background. The woman's left arm is replace but the hand stays the same while she and the 4th dog are attempting to clean a rope. Notice the woman's new left arm is lowered so the brush will be on the rope. Her arm is also moving in action. In this video scene, the green box she is holding has the word "SKROPE" but in the book it the words were two small to write while this book was being written.
  • Now on page 31 about soup on a hoop, green soup has been added while the narrator mentions about soup. The big bowl is empty at the time while the woman this time pours the suds, the suds begin to rise and it cleans the soup of the hoop and the hoop sparkles after being clean.
  • On the video of the book, the Christmas reef with the title "Merry Christmas Mush" on page 32 appears to be smaller and raised up higher a bit. The nightstand buy the chimney is 2 steps away from its normal spot like how it was in the book. You will see Santa Clause offering Mush dinner to a boy and his dog but they would not to fond of what they were eating offered by Santa.
  • Page 34 of the video of the book, the logo "And, speaking of Christmas" is placed in a banner and, the boy is alone swimming in a pool and not by his dad named Jim. Jim is alone as well enjoying his time in the pool with is swim fins the boy his son gave him.
  • In page 35 of the video of the book. Dwight is 1 step closer if you look in the bush in the background of the book and look at the bush in the background of the video. Dwight's light isn't one at the time until the narrator mention's about it. Only 4 birds were in this scene but, in the video, their were 5. The 5th green bird was cut from the page so the editors took him out the video.
  • Page 36 on the video of this book, about a walrus with pointy whiskers, the girl's father isn't in this scene just yet. As soon as he appears his eyes are open and he happy a first, then the walrus begins to whisper "buy his lips moving in motion" he gets a little annoyed by it at the time and he closes his eyes getting irritated by the walrus and then he frowns getting aggravated and he right ear turns red and begins to smell bad.
  • Page 37 of the video of this book, you will see a depressed Hooey the Parrot walking away shedding only one tail feather but he sheds 3 feathers in the book and you will see the logo from the cover of this book "Oh say can you Say" is used again but colored in green this time.
  • On the last page of this video and book, rain drops have been drawn on the page and were being used instead of the rain drops that were already there. As soon as the rain stops and the storm stops Hooey begins to smile happily and his umbrella is unwrinkled as well as the umbrella stick no longer being bent. Notices that the editors drew and painted a new umbrella stick on the top but leaving the bottom of the umbrella stick the same.


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