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Published: 8/28/1975
Author: Theodore Geisel
Illustrator: Theodore Geisel
Characters: Different color Birds, Kitty O'Sullivan Kraus, Jiboo, Peter the postman, Snoves in Gloves
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Oh, the Thinks you can Think!''' is also a book from Dr Seuss.

"Nobody, NOBODY can think up the think's that Dr. Seuss thinks."

This is a book Beginning Readers will love because, they'll find that the sentences are short and easy to read, and the rhymes are catchy and funny, and they'll be able to recongnize MOST of the words and the words they DON'T recongnize are the kind of wonderfully silly nonsensical words that only Dr. Seuss can think up. It's the kind of book that children will love to read -- and think about -- all by themselves.

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and The Foot Book.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • On page 1 of this video of the book, the background seems to be green but in the book the background is white. Also the walking birds have no color at the time but are gray. When the narrator mentions the color yellow the birds skin color and the hoop turns yellow and then when she mentions blue their clothes are blue. These are the same birds from the cover of this book who are wearing different color dresses.
  • On page 2-3 of this video of the book, the poles in the room are white and gray until the narrator mentions red and the floor is gray until she mentions pink but, there is an error on this page. As you can see in the book the horse is going left but in the video the horse goes right instead. The horse appears to be bigger when she comes in.
  • On page 4-5 look at one of the purple trees on the white grass. A copy of the leaves on the third tree is put on the first. its hard to tell if the GUFF has a face in the video due to the low quality, brightness, sharpness and color of the video you really cant seem to see closely like you want to or either the Dr. Seuss book video tapes are getting old.
  • On page 6-7 of the video of the book, the waiter (who is delivering the food to the two bird girls) has been shrunken 2 or 3 inches a bit as he approaches the girls. The cherry on the Schlopp isn't their until the narrator Marian Hailey Moss mentions it. The scenery on the top of this page is lowered a bit were you see the line of the page by the yellow sky.
  • Page 8-9 on the video of the book, after you see the gloves, then you will then see the Snuvs with their arms cut off at the time. Then you will see the whole page from the book afterwards where the snuvs are wearing gloves.
  • Page 10-11 of the video of this book, the rope to this balloon swimming pool is not vertical as it was in the book but instead its facing straight up and the swimming pool is actually over Kitty O'Sullivan Krauss's house and not halfway on the side. The bird is under the balloon swimming pool and not on the side. and the dog in the pool is in the same place still. Kitty O'Sullivan Krauss's jumps off the diving board into her swimming pool and then she floats back up head first.
  • Page 12-13 of the video of this book, Everything is the same where you'll see black water, a white sky and a man in a boat but none of the bloogs are flying out the hole in the rock formation in the water on the video as they originally came from in the book.
  • On page 14-15 of the video of the book, a extra walk way is drawn into the scenery as the two Arabians of Na-Nupp are walking home.
  • On page 16-17, the white birds are phasing from 1 spot to another in Da-Dake. Some spots were colored in on this scene due to the trees being moved and one trees was drawn into the scenery. You'll see another Arabian walking in the scene.
  • In the video scene where 55 elephants are drinking water, not much water is is squirting from the fountain tier as it did it the book on page 18-19.
  • The Zong on page 20-21 of the video of the book is moved a little slanted and so was his tail, not being in his normal spot like he was in the book.
  • On page 22-23 of the video of this book, the boy who stands on the pillar trying to yank a tooth of the RINK-RINKER-FINK has been moves a tad bit closer as you see the noose of the rope more closer to the tooth.
  • On page 24-25 of the video of this book, the moon is slightly moved to the left and the Jibboo is more closer 6 steps to the 4th building in the video rather than being far in the book while waving to the silhouette of the boy. This might be the same boy from page 23 who tried to yank a tooth of the RINK-RINKER-FINK.
  • On page 26-27 of the video of this book you will see 11 holes in the ice and some ice igloo homes somewhere in the middle. Then the angry concerned orange seals with mustaches appear few by few, they seem to resemble the Lorax but are more bigger then he is. Peter the Postman then slides in but is more closer to the first seal rather than being far like how he was in the book. The seals don't seem to like him or know who he is.
  • On page 28-29 of the video of this book, the yellow and blue race track appears in 4 pieces coming together, Then the crowd cheering appears, and the three contestants appear with their horses on a ball the the 3 fishes appear lastly in three separate fish bowls. The boy who seems to have won the race resembles the boy from the book There's a Wocket in my Pocket! due to having on a red shirt with black stripes red pants with black stripes and red and black shoes. He the boy on the ball who won the race is leaning from left to right trying to keep his balance.
  • On page 30-31 of the video of the book, some brightness of the candle light a man is holding has been erased. and the camera films the stairs.
  • On page 32-33 of the video of the book, the camera views the place and you will see a boy in small ship. The Vipper's hand is lowered down and her face is tilted then moments later she moves back to her normal state like she was in the book.
  • On page 34-35 some Beft's have been cut from the pages so the editors took them out the scene and added color to the top of the other Beft's hairs due to being cut from the pages in the book.
  • On page 36-37 on the video of this book, a red character in the far back by an elephant is missing in this scene due to his or her head being cut from the page of the book so they editors took the character from the scene instead of drawing a face for the character. 
  • Due to one of the 8th standing green fish with glasses being cut from the page there was only 7 of them and not 8. The brown creature who isn't a snail but has a snail's shell on her back is closer to the big orange animal (with a fish king on his back and a yellow pink haired puppy) in the video and is not in the corner like she was in the book and the mouse holding a green key is under the big animals right hand and the big animal's feet were drawn in due to being cut from the page and the man driving a blue one wheeled vehicle is a bit more closer to the big animal.
  • Then on the last 2 pages of this book, the hoop is colored pink as it was in the book and the birds show up again walking on the hoop but are now wearing colored dresses and are walking all around and inside the hoop going low, high, left and right.
  • As the narrator closes with the quote "Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try!", you will see all the characters from the recent pages of this book used in a white background as the scene repeatedly changes characters a few times then after that you will see a Snuv from page 8 waving his orange glove in reference to telling the viewers "Good-Bye!" As the book comes to a close. The scenes you see were an add on to this video and not part of the book.


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