Isabella, known as the Once-ler's Mother, is the secondary antagonist of the 2012 movie adaption of The Lorax, and the greedy and pessimistic mother of The Once-ler. She dubs her most successful child business-wise as her "favorite child".


She wears a fox stole, which the Lorax dislikes.

In The Lorax

She went with her family to help the Once-ler make thneeds. It was her and the rest of the family that persuaded him to chop trees down rather than harvest their tufts. She was proud of him only when he became greedy and self-righteous. But when the Thneed factory closed because of the lack of trees, she disowned him and told Brett that he was now her favorite child. She then left the Once-ler to be a hermit.

Current Life

Isabella's current life is unknown. We can presume that she is either deceased or very old (based on the Once-ler's age).


  • Once-ler - Isabella treats him very badly. She had told him that he would fail in his life for untold reasons. When his business fails she promotes Brett to her favorite child.
  • Brett and Chet - The mother seems to treat them both nice usually. She promoted the former to her favorite child, when the Once-ler failed.