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Once-ler's family

The Once-ler's Family is a large group of humans who appear in the Lorax to assist in mass-producing Thneeds. While in the film they are human, in the book and TV special, there are the same greenish humanoids as The Once-ler himself. While his family relationship wasn't shown in the book, in the movie his family is shown to have little confidence in him. It only changes when he starts to make money. Despite how they've treated him, Once-Ler is still very loyal to them and defends them. They had practically raised him and it was part of the reason for Once-ler's negative personality traits.


Once-Ler's Uncle Ubb

Once-Ler's Family 001.jpg

The Once-ler's uncle is the patriarch of the family. He pushes a load of Truffula leaves that Bret and Chet harvested while obeying the Once-Ler's request that no trees be cut down. Like Bret and Chet, they seem to be sorta under the control of the women in the family. Like the rest of his family, he's obviously greedy and money-hungry. As seen during the song "How Bad Can I Be? ", he is a part of a false scheme to draw more money, faking being a hobo so that it would seem like the Once-ler was giving money away to charity.

Bret and Chet
Once-Ler's Family 002.jpg

Bret and Chet are The Once-ler's twins and stupid, older brothers. They help pull out the tree's leaves and cut down the trees. They appear to like playing football with the Bar-ba-loots. The brothers were shocked when their mother suddenly named Bret her new favorite child.

Once-Ler's Mom Isabella

The Once-ler's Mom

She helps cut down the trees and is the mother of Bret, Chet, and Once-Ler. She is snobby, money-crazy, selfish, cruel, abusive, and somewhat manipulative to her youngest son. She constantly belittles Once-Ler, and was said to have said he wouldn't amount to anything all his life. She is the one who convinced Once-Ler to continue cutting down the trees. Mostly its clear that she wants Once-Ler to make the business more successful to keep her well kept. Once the last one falls, she says that she is disappointed in Once-Ler and names Bret as her new favorite child.

Once-ler's Aunt Grizelda

She dislikes the Lorax for calling her names and refers to him as a "giant, furry peanut." The Lorax was greatly surprised when Once-Ler told him she was a woman. Like most of the family, she cares only about money with no regard for Once-Ler's feelings. She demonstrated an example of her cruel and treacherous nature as she tossed the Lorax aside when he tried to remind the Once-Ler of their promises to never chop the trees down.


  • The Once-Ler's Mom, Isabella, wears the same bow from a character who has the same name from Phineas and Ferb.