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Author: Theodor Geisel
Illustrator: Theodor Geisel
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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is a book written by Dr. Seuss in 1960. A simple rhyming book for learner readers, it is a book with a freewheeling plot about a boy and a girl (who do not appear to be Conrad and Sally from The Cat in the Hat) but appear to be Jay and Kay as thier names are later revealed from the book "What Pet Should I Get?", and the many amazing creatures they have for friends and pets.

Rik Mayall narrated this story as part of a HarperCollins audiobook that also includes The Lorax, Dr. Seuss's ABC and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association named the book one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Theme Park Attraction

The book was the basis of a theme park attraction located at Universal's Islands of Adventure in the Seuss Landing area of the park, called "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish". The attraction has riders enter vehicles based on various colored fish from the book, and they must follow directions given on the ride to avoid getting wet. However, on days when it is too cold, the ride will operate without the water. The ride was constructed by the German attraction builder Zierer.


Beginner Book Video

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books which included Oh the Thinks you can Think! and The Foot Book.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • On a blank page of this book before page 3, you will see a strange star bellied creature discussing the quote "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." He was not used to be in the beginner book video.
  • In page 4 of the video of the book the first fish is placed on the left and not the right from where he was normally placed in on the book. The water on page one of the video seems to have been redrawn and colored. You will see the One fish who is now colored yellow and red from being all white on the cover of the book. The two green fishes appear the same. Due to the red fish's tail being cut from the page, the editors used the red fish from the cover of the book to be put into this page of the video. The blue fish is standing in another spot.
  • On page 5 of the video of the book, the black fish and a second blue fish are spaced out a bit, but in the book the black fish was sitting on top of the second blue fish's head.
  • The old fish is more closer to the mother fish and the newborn fish in the video.
  • More water has been drawn into the scene of page 1-3 of the video.
  • On page four of the video while recapping the past fishes, the red fish and first blue fist appear again so does the baby fish, mother fish and old fish.
  • On page 6 of the video, the third blue fish's tears have been added to the scene, and the yellow happy fish is on the right and not on the left like he or she was in the book.
  • On page 7, the tall mean red fish is up a few paces and another yellow fish is in mid air over the fourth blue fish.
  • A thin fish's hand on page 8 has been drawn in from being cut from the page. The fat fish is pushed back a little bit. Jay and Kay make their debut in this scene checking out the fat fish and thin fish but their voices done by Angelique Claire Sirois and Colin Carman have been heard at the beginning.
  • On page 9 the two arrow signs "To There, To Here" switch places at moments when the quote is being stated again.
  • On page 10-11, the second running creature's bottom and left leg is drawn in due to being cut from the page in the book. They appear to have shrunken a bit or either the sun is raised up. The third running creature isn't shown in the video due to being cut from the page of the book so there was only two running creatures being seen. The umbrella that Jay is holding is shaded in yellow a bit.
  • A few strange creatures on page 12-13 have been put into another spot in the video and some that have been cut from the page of the book were not shown at all in the video. It's unknown where they are going or where they came from.
  • Page 14-15 you'll see a fast creature coming in then you'll see a snail like moving creature moving slowly, then you'll see a creature flying in with a fan propeller tied to him and then a creature coming out of a hole in the ground. Jay and Kay are seen watching the creatures. At the end of the seen the fast creature comes back slowly.
  • Page 16 of the video of the book, the 11-fingered animal's fingers are erased and drawn as if he made a fist. the fingers are erase for when the narrator starts counting how many he has then the fingers appear one by one during the count.
  • Page 18-19 of the video in this book, the 7 humped Wump's snout and tail has been drawn in due to being half cut from the pages. You will see Jay and Kay hopping going right. The reins in Jay's hands have been extended a bit. Then you will see them riding on the one humped Wump's The one humped Wump's back left feet and tail has been drawn in. Next you will see Jay and Kay with 3 other children riding on a 7 humped Wump that is owned by a man named Mr. Gump.
  • On page 22 in the video, Mike, Jay, Kay and the bike have been shrunken from their normal size in the book as they are coming down a hill.
  • The red bush on the other side of page 23 of the video has been drawn in as you will see Mike pushing the bike up the hill with Jay and Kay sitting on it not pedaling.
  • On page 25 in the video of the book you will briefly see Ned's mother on the phone as the camera pans up from hear and pans onto the phone ling going past a blue small wall with a heart carved in and then panned to Ned in his bed again. The pillow was cut from the page but in the video the pillow and the edge of Ned's bed was drawn in. The dog's forehead was cut in the book but drawn and painted in for the video.
  • On page 28 in the video, the creature who wears a blue hat and has gold teeth is one half step closer on the blue mat. The camera pans down on him from head to toe then the picture flips and is phased onto the next scene.
  • On page 29 the mouse in the mouse hole is closer to the creature. If you look closely at the man creature's body as the camera pans down, you will notice the subtitles from the next page that will be the next of the book/video showing.
  • On page 30 in the video, Jay and Kay are rotated up at a slight angle looking at the Nook approaching. The black bush in the this scene behind Jay and Kay isn't there in the video of the book.
  • On page 31 of the video of the book Jay and Kay are up close and expanded while watching the nook reading and cooking. Kay's head was flipped from the left to right looking at the nook and not at Jay. The Nook's hot dogs on a stick turn from red to black being burned. There was a misprint in the text of the script Colin was reading from as the voice of Jay, he said "But a Nook can't read, so a Nook can Cook" but in the book it said "But a Nook can't read, so a Nook can't Cook" When Jay then said "So what good to a Nook is a hook cook book?" Kay's head is now facing the left again at Jay the correct way as it was in the book.
  • On page 32 of the video, the moon is closer to the house s the camera zooms out from Kay and Jay's house. Notice the house that has been cut from the page of the book has been drawn and painted in the scene. You will see some sheep coming in going right taking a walk as they slept and the moon is no longer close by the house but a few yards away. There has been a few slight edits to the house Kay and Jay was in. The scene changes to where you will see the "Near to Far" sign a star is seen in the sky. the Sheep continue phasing from the left going right. When Jay said "I would never walk. I would take a car." Jay and Kay were taken from page 31 to be put into the window of the house on page 32 and the camera was zoomed into the window.
  • Page 33 - 34, everything is the same as it was in the book where you will see the loud creature as the camera zooms out slowly and the silent creature as the camera zooms in closely at him. No movement in this scene was happening
  • You will see Kay and Jay on a ladder with some cans then as soon as the Zans appears in the scenery of page 36 of the video of this book, the Zans is 1 steps away from where he was normally standing, and the can's yellow top lid is missing in the video but is visible in the book. The ladder is a few inches down as well if you look at the cans in the book and the cans in the video Kay is holding. The rest of the scenery has been drawn and colored in due to being cut from the pages of the book on page 36-37.
  • You will see Jay again on page 38-39 of the video but he is by himself at the time, Jay is a few steps away from were he was normally standing on the mat boxing a Gox but moving in action back and forth.
  • On page 40-41, you will see Jay by himself again taking a bath with a Ying. The tub, mat and the shower curtain was moved to the left a few inches away from the black background of the scene on the right. Half of the shower curtain was still cut from the page of the book and video. The Ying and Jay's mouths are edited closed and open at part times as the story is being told.
  • On page 42-43, the Yink's right eye is drawn open on his face but he winks for for a split second several times being as he was in the book. As Kay is explaining the story about how much he liked to drink, the amount of pink ink the Yink is drinking decreases 3 times as Kay said "He likes to drink and drink and drink."
  • On page 44-45, the Yop is white instead of her original light blue color. You will noticed the Yop hopping on the fingers of a person's hands, As the camera pans closer you will see the Yop still hoping left and right slowly.
  • On page 47 of the book of this video where Kay who is by herself brushing and combing a pet with no name, look closely at the bowl with the powder pom-pom on the table. Its been slightly moved and angled straight up. The tissue box is erased from the scene due to being cut from the page. Only three brushes are on the able and not five due to two of them being cut from the page of the book, and the rest of the scene on the right is drawn and painted in.
  • On page 48-49, on the scene of The wet pet, everything is the same as Jay is explain about the unknown pet.
  • In the book on page 50, when Jay is in bed is flying a kite the bed was rolling on the ground, but in the video the whole bed with Jay in it was flying with the kite in the sky. The string is cut short few inches and the top of the kite was drawn in. The clouds were also drawn differently in the video.
  • On page 51 of this video, Jay and Kay and the buckets and the cow are slightly shifted to the right.
  • On page 52-53, the mouse who had cut the wire of the telephones goes back into his mouse hole. It is unknown if this is the same mouse from page 25 when the mouse was sitting on Ned's feet and page 29 from where he was looking at the man holding a bird with an old hat and gold teeth.
  • Page 54-55 you will see a land of the Zeds and some of the zeds are in line for their hair cut. Another boy "who is not Jay" is seen cutting a Zed's hair but his hair was shaded black in the video.
  • On page 56 you will see Ish as the camera pans out then shows the full scene. Ish's right hand on page 57 is cut off of him to be used to wave around as he explains what he does to make a wish on his wish dish. The 3 fishes then appear on his dish as the camera is closer to the wishing plate. Ish's left hand and the dish are rotated facing up then is the camera phases the whole scene, Ish is slightly rotated to the right with his right arm back on.
  • Kay on page 59 isn't seen and is cut from the video as it was zoomed in, but the red ring she was holding behind Jay is shown. Jay's arm rotates up as he throws the yellow ring to the Gack's antlers and the ring lands on the part of the antlers where is was seen in the book being thrown to, then Jay and Kay from page 31 is used again but more closer to the Gack and Kay's head is flipped from the left facing right looking at the Gack.
  • A new background was design for page 60-61 replacing the white stairs they were going up on in the book. This is where you will see Jay and Kay carrying a sea animal in a glass jar full of water calling him Clark.
  • On the Last page of the book, the Zeep is closer to the edge of the mat he, Kay, and Jay are laying on.
  • As the quote is mentioned for the 5th time both by Kay (Angelique Claire Sirois) and Jay (Colin Carman) and the sign from page 9 is seen in the Zeep's dream in a red background that was the red backing page in the book and a strange fish (who flew off Kay's head) from the backing page is used then the strange fish flies away as the book comes to a close. The other characters (aside from the strange flying fish) in the backing pages on the book have not been used for video.


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