Ostriches are flightless birds from "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


Ostriches usually weigh from 63 to 130 kilograms (140–290 lb), with exceptional male Ostriches weighing up to 155 kilograms (340 lb). The feathers of adult males are mostly black, with white primaries and a white tail. However, the tail of one subspecies is buff. Females and young males are greyish-brown and white. The head and neck of both male and female Ostriches is nearly bare, with a thin layer of down. The skin of the females neck and thighs is pinkish gray, while the male's is blue-gray, gray or pink dependent on subspecies.


In Real Life

Ostriches are big, flightless birds that can run up to 42 miles per hour. Like most birds of a feather, they love to stick together with other animals like elephants, zebra and wildebeest. Ostriches don't really stick their heads in the ground, but they have a defensive kick when threatened. One ostrich egg equals 24 chicken eggs. Ostrich are sometimes hunted for their feathers. They are endangered by giant mud splashes. Ostriches are tall.

Gallery of Ostriches from the Franchise

Gallery of Real Ostriches

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