Seals are animals from "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


There are two types of seals:

Earless seals

Eared seals, also called sea lions, which can get around on land and are named for their loud roars like lions.

Both seals and sea lions have blubber.


In Reality

All seals live in the sea, but only eared seals have the ability to rotate their hind flippers for getting around on land. At circuses, they can balance balls on their noses, play instruments, and even roll over, as long as their trainer continuously rewards them with some fish and other delicious goodies. Seals lie in the sun on rocks, close together to keep warm. Male seals, bigger than females, bark more. Some seals are endangered for their blubber and pollution in their homes.

Gallery of Seals from the Franchise

Gallery of Real Seals

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