This is a great book that can evoke great critical thinking and higher-level thinking skills of all ages. I have created three-level study guides, contextual redefinition guides, RAFT activities, and other reading support for my ninth graders.

Many students have no idea how much they feel connected to a certain topic until you introduce the material into their own lives hypothetically or create the activity(ies) to be culturally relevant to the students. Depending on your demographic of students, you will get different answers to the same activity from certain groups of children. I am really excited about the new unit plan that I am currently working on for the reading of this book for my students!

If anyone has any other activities that are age-appropriate for my students (ninth grade), please feel free to blog!

Alibi1913 14:01, July 25, 2010 (UTC)West Meck High School Teacher, Charlotte, NC

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