Ted Wiggins

Ted Wiggins in The Lorax

My name's Ted Wiggins, and I speak for the trees! The thing is that things aren't perfect in Thneedville and they’re only gonna get worse unless we do something about it!

Ted Wiggins is one of the main characters in The Lorax. He’s a 12-year old boy in the film (10-years-old in the TV special and book) and he comes to The Once-ler to hear about Truffula Tree so he can win the heart of Audrey. He is voiced by Harlen Carraher in the TV special and Zac Efron in the film

In the book, Ted has black hair and eyes. In the film, he has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a red and orange striped T-shirt with a light gray long-sleeve shirt underneath, blue jeans and black converse sneakers.


  • Ted is named after The Lorax's author, Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel).
  • Ted is never named in either the book or the TV Special.
  • Ted has an aunt named Martha, but she's only mentioned in a storyboard.


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