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Published: 1968
Author: Ted Geisel
Illustrator: Ted Geisel
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The Foot Book is a book written by Dr. Seuss. It's intended for young children, and it seeks to convey the concept of opposites through depictions of different kinds of feet. The text of The Foot Book is highly stylized. containing the rhymes, repetitions, and cadences typical of Dr. Seuss's work. Reading this book will teach the reader that you should not judge any one because of what they look like or in this case their feet.

The Foot Book is Seuss's first in the Bright and Early Books series, intended for children too young for books in the Beginner Books series. Its was also his first book after the death of his wife Helen Palmer Geisel, and Seuss put in eight-hour days working on it as a way of coping with his loss. The Foot Book was extremely successful, and as 1997, it was in its 52nd reprinting.

This book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and Oh the Thinks you can Think.

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

This book was seen in Stinko Foot: The Movie.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • Page 1 on the video you will see the foot guy, then he phases going left, and the camera zooms in on his left foot and his right foot.
  • Due to the foot guy's face being cut on the video of page 2 in the book he was replaced by the foot guy from page 3 and the yellow sky was colored more.
  • On page 4 of the video from the book, only the first layer of the foot guy was used 3 times then the 4 layer was used when the narrator said "right".
  • Page 5 of the book and video, on wet foot you don't see much of the foot guy's face and he is standing on a different rock. You will see him drying his feet next.
  • The foot guy has been taken from page 20 to be put into page 6 standing on a white grassy cliff, due to the recently layer being cut from the page.
  • Page 8 of the video and book, The big creature with front feet and back feet is seen. the red feet and black feet characters are standing on the white grass of the hill. There is a misprint in the script because it sounds as if the narrator said "Red Beet" instead of "Red Feet".
  • On page 9, a black line is drawn under the layer of the character to where the narrator said "left foot right foot" again.
  • On page 10, the editors didn't feel like drawing the foot guy's backside to place him in the scene on the right due to being cut, so they took him out..
  • Page 11 of the video from the book, the yellow rabbit is running past the slow long eared dog instead and not running under him like he was in the book.
  • Page 12 on the video the color balls change shapes and phase in different places while the dog with the balls is doing tricks and the Sick animal in bed with his feet tied in ropes, no movement but camera zooming in slowly.
  • On page 13 on the video of the book the foot guy is seen going up and he goes all the way up then he is scene as another layer of him going down, but in the book the foot guy going up and the foot guy going down are seen at the same time.
  • On page 14 if the video the clown comes in phasing to the left.
  • Page 15 of the video, the Small feet woman and the Big feet man are in the same scene for a short moment as you will see the small feet woman walking to the right and the big feet man follows. Then the pig from page 16 comes but the pig is seen looking straight ahead and not looking to at the viewers like he was in the book and his back side and tail was drawn and painted in.
  • On page 17, on the video from the book, the Boy and Girl are a tad bit far apart from where the stands were placed at in the book. The foot guy is seen in between them two.
  • Page 18 of the video from the book, the fuzzy fur feet guy is in the blue background but in the book his is in a white background instead.
  • On page 19 of the video of the book, a character's left duck feet has been drawn in and painted on page 20, the tall animal's face isn't shown like it was in the book and the tall animal has been raised up more which explains why his foot is more near the foot guy's face and the camera zooms in on the foot guy looking at his foot. You will see the house where a unknown character is seen.
  • Page 23 was not used in the video at all. You don't see the foot guy in this scene on the 24 feet part on page 24 of the book and video. In the book he was looking at them on page 23 that wasn't used in the video.
  • Page 25 and 26, where you will see the camera panning over to the random characters coming in as the foot guy looks on. a few characters have been moved up a bit to cover the missing text in the video.
  • On the last page the camera was zoomed in on the foot guy's left and right foot, then the backing of the book was used to where you see the foot guy copies walking when the narrator said "Feet. Feet. Feet.".
  • The last page again is used after the backing pages was used then the foot guy phases to the right leaving the scene as the book comes to an end.


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