21 birds who are brothers who pile on the heads of each other. One of them is holding a flag with their last name printed on it. Lud is at the very bottom holding them all up but appears to be struggling. If he sneezes, they are all come tumbling down to the ground as a dog standing on a mushroom watches them.

Some of them wear colored pull over sweaters, footed pajamas onesie shorts and yellow and pink long socks. They appear in the book Oh Say Can You Say?

Here are their names

  1. Bipper
  2. Bud
  3. Skipper
  4. Jipper
  5. Jeffrey
  6. Jud
  7. Horatio
  8. Horace
  9. Hendrix
  10. Hud
  11. Dinwoodie
  12. Dinty
  13. Dud
  14. Fitzsimmon
  15. Frederick
  16. Fud
  17. Slinkey
  18. Stinkey
  19. Stuart
  20. Stud
  21. Lud aka Mud


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