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The Spooks Tour Finale is the third round that Eukariah participates in The Grinch's Paraphernalia Wagon. The other two are: Grinch Is Gonna Get You and Members of the Un-human race. At first, The Grinch found Eukariah (with or without glasses) as a waste of time, insulted by Eukariah probably not recognizing him. He used his eyebrows to attack Eukariah before becoming unnerved and inviting Eukariah to step inside the wagon to see The Unhuman Race up close and personal.


The first round, Grinch Is Gonna Get You, consists of the monsters warning Eukariah that The Grinch is going to get him.

The second round, Members of the Un-human race, is introduced by The Grinch saying: "Enjoying yourself? Take a little walk!" with monsters stopping him and saying it is Prime Time For Spooks and it is hopeless to try to escape through the air.

The next round is introduced by The Grinch saying: "Enjoying Yourself? Take A Spooks Tour!" and a dark green creature sticking his head out of the shaft and squawking. This is the only time any body or any thing speaks or makes any noises at all, with the exception of the black-and-yellow-striped giant zombie stepping on a round creature. It includes suspenseful orchestra piece.

Palm trees that blow in the wind resembling claws. The sky is light grey.

A trap door opens to a slide next to a shaft and an archway entrance equipped with running lights is where The Grinch announces it. A dark green creature sticks his head out of the shaft, hollers, and Eukariah runs towards the entrance.

It also consists of:

  • After several bursts of light, Eukariah finds himself being chased by a yellow Swastika-like marble with long feet.
  • Several pairs of eye balls appear, beginning with a simple stained glass window on a purple wall with black frame. The mosaic style stained glass from inside to outside is yellow, orange & pink, white, green, red, various shades of blue. The next pair of eye balls resembles a ghost leaving a tombstone with purple background. There are two more pairs of eye balls, both with black backgrounds, and with the final one belonging to a creature behaving as a spider on a glowing gold structure with a red background.
  • The background changes from purple to red to shades of red and pink with dark mountains. After he sees many more transparent creatures, some of them flying or running towards him, the background changes from yellow to green.
  • There are silhouettes of creatures and ghosts appearing, first one in front of a black background, a blue background, an orange background, a green with blue background. Now Eukariah is seated, trapped in glue.
  • The background is black. Eukariah is able to stand up. Three very tall robots with lights for noses shine spot lights on him, blinding him even more. The robot with the blue light appears first. The robot with the yellow light appears last and in between the other two robots. The lights are blue, yellow, and red. When the blue and red lights overlap, they produce a purple light. When all three overlap, They produce green, orange, and brown lights. Eukariah disappears. This is the last time we see Eukariah for a while.
  • Outdoors, with a dark green sky, blue ground and trees, and silhouettes of forbidding structures. Back to the cloaked creatures, most of them except one are exiting a door, walking single file, and entering another door. They participate in another brutal "rite of passage" ritual with an evil giant overlord playing a large string instrument and bow.
  • Inside the green opening of this musical instrument is a portal to an area that changes based on mood (at first dark blue), with this green opening now being part of the ground. Several other green openings appear next to it. One by one, a round shadowy creature appears inside and pops out of each of them. A black-and-yellow-striped giant zombie with a hood covering his face, a shirt around his shoulders, baggy shorts, and gloves appears. He seems to not have any visibility and stomps towards the round creatures. He steps on one of them but proceeds anyways. All the round creatures glare at the monster with the background changing to red.
  • Two frames of an orange (or cast upon with orange light) bird. One showing him to be mildly irate, with the other frame showing him hollering.
  • Eukariah is now boating in some tunnels with pink water. The purple creature chases him out of the tunnels as he tries to row away from her. The background is black. They go under a static arch, which zooms in to the next segment.
  • Eukariah is in a scene from Oh the Thinks you can Think!, at night. The background is very dark blue. He is on the platform with the stairs nearby. He is attacked by a bat-like creature. (The opening credits shows a longer version of this scene.)
  • A close up of the creature's eye balls appear.
  • Eukariah is in another scene from Oh the Thinks you can Think!, at night, in a seemingly abandoned ghost town, being confronted by a hostile Jibboo.
  • The next scene is a portal with forefingers gripping it. As the forefingers clasps the portal, the background outside of it changes to an alternating blue and green with black spikes until Eukariah appears inside the portal. After that, a yellow, red, and blue stained glass window resembling eye balls appear.
  • Eukariah has been sucked under water. The background is sea green. The eyes become a part of a lobster-like creature that tries to grab him. However, Eukariah is instead sucked down the drain.
  • Eukariah slides down a blue slide. The background is black.
  • Three skeletons dance. A yellow one, a red one, and a blue one.
  • The background is red now. There are five hydrothermal vents bubbling, vent four first, then vent five, then vent three, then vent two, then vent one. This scene is not much different from one of the doomsday device segments seen in The Butter Battle Book.
  • An alligator or crocodile creature, stands upright, fists made, and opens his mouth.
  • A quick shot of Eukariah in a black background before a montage of various forbidding structures. A landscape of the Ruins of Ronk from Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? appears, with the background alternating black and pink.
  • A shot of more creatures (mostly their eye balls) with purple, black, very light grey, black, black with purple aura, blue, red and blue colors appear, and finally the spider appears again with the background fading from a blue to green color.
  • The background is brown. Eukariah is in a Alice In Wonderland environment, with a room full of light green and light blue tiles. The tiles capture him as they form a Jack In The Box. It launches him through a vent in the ceiling, through the mountain, and towards the sky. The background is black. He is still on the very wobbly platform with a giant purple balloon nearby. Eukariah checks the air and then inhales, knowing the balloon can not do the same. She tries to imitate him, but deflates.

The final verse ends with Eukariah now back on top of The Paraphernalia Wagon, shutting the door, but not locking it. The Grinch is stunned, and also annoyed. He shortly finds out that he was distracted by Eukariah long enough for the cold weather front to be over, and has no reason to irritate the other Whos... until next time.