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Fake title of the zax
Performer: Hans Conreid
Appeared in: The Sneetches and Other Stories
Dr. Seuss on the Loose

The Zax is the second chapter in the book titled The Sneetches and Other Stories and the second installment in the video titled Dr. Seuss on the Loose. They are stubborn and arguable and have messy hair and hairy bodies. They live in the Prairie of Prax. Varieties of Zax include a North-Going Zax and a South-Going-Zax. Due to their stubbornness, they refuse to go in any direction other than their assigned directions. If a south-going Zax encounters a north-going Zax, they cannot solve their issue and the world progresses without them as years pass by, such as a highway being built over them and a city nearby while still standing grumpily at each other.


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