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Published: 1974
Author: Theodore Geisel
Illustrator: Theodore Geisel
Characters: Boy telling the story, Wasket, Neureu, Wocket, Noothgrush, Vug, yeps, Zower, Geiling, Jertian, Yottle, yot, nubards, nookcase, findow, zillow,
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There's a Wocket in My Pocket is a short children's book by Dr.Seuss. It features a little boy talking about what strange creatures live in his house, such as the yeps on the steps, the nooth grush standing on the toothbrush, the yottle in the bottle and a Nureau in a bureau.

Children will adore this rhyming story that describes imaginary creatures you can find around his house. Like the little zlocks behind the clocks, or the furry zowers who take up the shower. The fun and playful illustrations and the boy's light hearted perspective shows children that they don't have to be scared of the unknown. In fact this boy likes his creatures just the way they are. . . well most of them!

The original story was published in 1972. There is also a 1996 republication which, contrary to popular belief, is exactly the same as the original.

This Book was also used in the Random House Home Video Series which entitles as "Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video" along with two other books "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" and "Fox in Socks".

This book has an iOS and Android app by Oceanhouse Media.

Goofs, Errors, Corrections and Differences

  • On page 1, as the video of the book begins the book is seen standing in his normal spot, the basket is seen without the wasket at first then appears when the term "wasket in your basket" is mentioned.
  • On page 2 on the video of the book the camera is zoomed to the Nureau then shows the full scene as the boy's eyes are closed at the time then he opens his eyes afterward.
  • On page 3 of the video about the Woset standing in the Closet, everything is the same as the camera slowly zooms out showing the full scene, when the door is being closed, the closed door was drawn and painted in but the boy that was standing behind the open closet door, is no nowhere to be seen as the door closes.
  • On page 4 on the video of the book, everything is the same as it was in the book. You will see the Jertain moving his legs and knees inward and outward hiding under the curtain.
  • On page 5 on the video of the book, everything is the same as it was in the book, there is no movement as the Zlock behind the clock is seen.
  • When the video got to the part of the Zelf on the Shelf, their is a difference from the book on pages 6-7, the boy who was standing in the doorway has been raised up a bit and his pants were drawn in, the broom is raised more higher pass the second row of the shelf, and the light bulb on the wire is lowered down a little.
  • In the book on page 9, the Zamp and the boy were in a white background but, in the video, they were placed in a blue background. The inside of the lamp shade was colored in from yellow to blue and the light that was flashing in the book was colored from yellow to blue as well. The light from the lamp then comes on after the camera shows the full scene from being zoomed in.
  • As the video gets to the Yottle in the Bottle on page 11, the boy was missing some hair at only this time but as the yottle squirts water at the boy, he moves away and some of his hair has been added back on his head as it was in the book.
  • When the video gets to the part of the Zable and Ghair on page 12 of the book, here are the differences. In the book the glass cup and the glass plate fall off the table but, in the video, the cup and the plate was in place on the table. The boy and the Zable are waving thier forks left and right as the Ghair wags his top yellow furry tail while sleeping under the chair where the boy was sitting.
  • On page 14 on the video of the book where the boy is not too appreciative of the Bofa sitting next to him on the sofa, everything is the same as it was in the book. No movement occurs as the camera zooms in on the boy.
  • In the video where it gets to the Nupboards and on page 14 of the book about it, the third cupboard was open at first but when the camera zoomed in to the third cupboard, it was closed by a drawn closed door and opened again as the Nupboards motion their arms waving hello.
  • When the video got to the Nooth Grush page, the rest of the medicine cabinet of the bathroom was drawn and painted in due to being cut from page 15 of the book.
  • In the video as it got to page 16-17 about the Vug, the table and lamp on the right was brought in closer to the picture frame. The wall space was a increased more which explains was the chair was a little far from the boy in the video than being close like in the book. The rug was also lying flat at the time until when the boy said Vug, that's when the rug got wrinkled and the Vug appeared. Its unknown was it looks like under the rug.
  • On page 18 of the book and the video about the Quimney, the boy taken from page 3 of the beginning of the book was put on the right side of the chimney and the two flower vases were put in place on the chimney and the small broom and two pitch forks were sitting still by the chimney then as soon as the Quimney came, the house hold items including the boy were briefly moved out of place just like they were in the book, then back in place after the Quimney left. Notice the wall on the right was expanded so page 19 of the Zall won't show just yet.
  • On page 19 about the Zall, notice this, the boy had 3 faces in the scene in the book, it was showing the viewers that the Zall got to his attention from looking at the Quimney that went up the living room chimney and he looked at him surpassing him looking from the left, then forward and right seeing the Zall. So the editors took the back of the boy's head "which had the hair and ear" from page 14 and flipped it facing left to fit, and erased the two extra faces and painting over it and placed the head hair and ear on the back of the boy's head then after the face and head process was done, the editors phase flip his head from facing left to the right rotated upwards as if he is looking at the Zall when it's going down the hall. As they phased flipped his head from left to right, the squiggly line from the book that was on top of his head appears a bit too late as the scene changes to where the Zall was scooting, down the hall past a chair and picture frames then disappears.
  • On page 20-21 in the book the boy was at his regular size going past the Yeps on the step he was in mid air going down, but in the video, the boy was at his regular size coming by phasing down but was expanding a few sizes bigger as he leaves passing the Yeps on the steps then as soon as he gets downstairs he disappears.
  • The video goes to page 22-23 early when the Narrator "Colin" said "and so are many many other friends that I have found". but the in the book, the subtitles were said in the scene about the Yeps. Notice the the boy that was standing in the doorway was pushed back from the spot he was normally standing in the book, and the back of the black stairs has been added where there is more room behind the Teller. You will see the boy in the doorway this time but pushed back in the video, but in the book he was almost inside the cellar. In most books the rest of his body is cut from the page but in the app version, you can see him and his body a little more in full view. The wall and floor of the black staircase was drawn in and added, and webs were added to the spider web holding a flashlight flashing at the table the Nellar was holding while the Teller and the Gellar were playing cards. The Wellar is seen brushing the Gellar's tail, the Zellar is seen juggling eggs while laying in his hammock. There is no movement in this scene at all as the camera zooms out showing all the creatures in the basement.
  • The camera on page 24 on the video of the book was upside down as you see the Geiling on the ceiling, as the camera then turns right side up, the scene is back to how it was in the book as you will then see a peanut appear in the boy's hand flying up into and falling into the Geiling's mouth.
  • On page 25 on the video of the book as the scene shows the boy and the Zower in the shower, the water from the shower head isn't seen yet into the camera shows the Zower's hand moving up right turning the handle to the shower then the water finally turns on. The editors had to rotate the handle and the Zower while the camera was zoomed in for a brief moment, then the Zower was back in place as the water came on after the camera was zoomed out.
  • On the last page on the video of the book, you will see the boy and the Zillow in bed then they both close their eyes.
  • The backing pages of the book was also put in the video, where you will see the Findow in a window and the Nook Gase sitting in the book case while eating another banana after throwing the first banana peel away on the floor which was in mid air still when the editions could have had the peel in his hand and edit him throwing it down instead.
  • Then the video goes back to the last page of the book again as the boy is awake but the Zillow is asleep, then the boy finally falls asleep after the narrator voicing the boy "Colin Carman" said "and I hope we never leave it" as the episode of this book on video ends.


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