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The Wickershams are monkeys in the Jungle of Nool who are Horton's tormentors, along with Vlad Vladikoff and the Sour Kangaroo.


They are known to stop Horton from talking to a deck speck assuming he is nuts. So they took action to get him some help by taking the flower away from him. Later, Jane the Sour Kangaroo gets word from Vlad Vladikoff that Horton was in the flowers looking for the flower he "Vlad" dropped to mix with the others so the Sour Kangaroo calls the Wickersham brothers who get assistance from their cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters, and more brothers and in-laws to stop Horton who later finds the flower he lost. After they tormented and beaten him try tried to put him in a cage minutes later after the "Yopp" sound, they all stopped what they were doing realizing Horton was right all along about whos on a small flower.

Seussical 2005 Tv Special

In The Tv Special, The Wickershams Are Orange, Blue & Purple, Voiced By Rob Lowe (Orange, speaking and singing), Bd Wong (Blue, Donny Osmond Does The Singing), & Zachary Levi (purple, speaking and singing)

Characteristics Of Adult Simba, Li Sang, & Flynn Rider

Rob Lowe, Bd Wong, & Zachary Levi Are The Same Voices Of Them

The Wickershams Are Described Tough, Strong, & Aggressive

They Also Have The Designs Of Adult Simba, Li Sang, & Flynn Rider


In the film, the leader is Yummo Wickersham.

Outside of Dr. Seuss

One Whickersham from The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss has made appearances on Sesame Street including the Nascar parody sketch on the "The Amazing Alphabet Race" episode in Season 38, and on the Healthy Habits for Life video Happy Healthy Monsters where it can be found on the song about Jumping with India Arie along with Billy Bunny, Horatio, and a frog.


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