Yertle is a character from the Dr. Seuss book Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories. He's also the main antagonist in the first season of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss and a reccurring protagoinst in the second season. He is also the leader and boss of Uncle Norton, Wickershams and Jane Kangaroo in Episode 118: Horton Has a Hit where he is the former secondary antagonist.


Yertle was once a king of a pond that is on a far-away Island of Sala-ma-son. The pond he ruled over had everything the other turtles needed such as food, and warm water and the turtles were very happy until Yertle became ungrateful about the throne he sits due to it being low and he thought that if he could make it higher he would be a great ruler of all he can see so he called 9 of the turtles who serve him, to attention. One of the turtles below on the very bottom was named Mack the Turtle and he doesn't approve of the Yertle's rule. Yertle proclaims that he is now a king of a cow, a mule, a house, a blueberry bush and a cat.

Mack begs Yertle to stop this due to the pain he is suffering from all the turtles on him and Yertle on top. Yertle isn't convinced and immediately tells him to shut up and downs him on what a lousy turtle he is for that and as he continues lamenting on what a king of what he sees he then creates a challenge for himself and calls over two-hundred turtles and more turtles who trembled in fear on King Yertle's command but they had no choice but to come and climb on the stack of nine turtles making it 209 as a stack.

King Yertle again brags about what a great king of all he sees of such as trees, birds, bees, butterflies, and the high fresh air. Mack again complains and begs insanity that he and the others are feeling great pain and that his and the others shells are cracking and they need food and want to get back down once more but, Yertle again goes off on him telling him to hush up and that Mack has no right to talk to him and again brags that he is king of all he sees.

As he goes off on Mack, he then notices in the clouds that the moon of the evening tonight was rising into the sky and Yertle becomes confused to what the moon is that dares to be higher than him. He said that he isn't going to allow it to happen and he proclaims that he will call five thousand, six hundred and seven more turtles so that he can be higher than the moon however that was going to be impossible for him to do. Mack gets angry and declares this thing about being a king of all to be over with so Mack started to burp, and it shook the turtle-made throne and as Yertle falls down from the top of the throne and falls into the pond as he gets up his face is covered in mud and Mack becomes the new ruler of the pond at the end.

Behind the Scenes

He was allegedly based on Adolf Hitler. He's also the main antagonist in the first season of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss and a recurring protagonist in the second season. In The Suessical tv special, he was voiced by Ernie Sabella.